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Topic: Ultimate Timps and the mod wheel

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    Ultimate Timps and the mod wheel

    I\'ve read in the very brief Ultimate Timps manual that you can control the length of the crescs and decrescs by use of the mod wheel but I can\'t seem to make this work. Does anyone who owns this library know how to do this.
    Thanks, Doug.

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    Re: Ultimate Timps and the mod wheel

    Hmm, you could assign the mod wheel to alter the sample start time effectively decreasing the ramp up and ramp down time of the Timpani roll or...

    you could use the mod wheel to switch between sample layers (kinda like a keyswitch) effectively switching between a slow, medium and fast roll crescendo.

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    Re: Ultimate Timps and the mod wheel

    The thing is though it says in the manual \"The crescendo and decrescendo rolls also have a release patch included so you can actually determine how long the crescendo is supposed to be. This is very handy when one of the three speeds included doesn\'t quite fit the length of your crescendo. Again, you can control the ammount of release with the mod wheel.\" The mod wheel doesn\'t seem to do anything though.

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