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Topic: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.

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    Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.


    Composed by Alan Joseph Lastufka

    Orchestrated by D.H. Rottering

    It\'s best if you right-click and then choose \"Save Target As...\" I have a slow server.

    PLEASE let me know if I should continue down this route or just put down the conductor\'s baton and pick my Ibenez back up...

    Thank you,


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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.

    You Asking \"honest opinion\", l´ll try to give it mine,
    I think the pices, works in general lines, got an \"intimate ambient\" what i think is just what you try; but melodies doesn´t tell me so much \"Don´t take my words as i were saying that your music is bad\", just i don´t like it so much, likes or dislikes don´t define the cuality of music, is allways subjective.

    I think that expose your work is some times a hard decision but allways a god decision i hope to do it next week, and i´ll ask your \"honest opinion\" .
    Hope you don´t take me bad.
    Thanks for pousting and keep On.

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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.


    I\'ve only had time to listen to October. In general, I like it.

    I feel that orchestration can be as least 50% of a composer\'s job and art. So to get a real feel for what you are saying in the piece, I\'d need to hear your orchestration to really hear your ideas.

    In this case, the orchestration doesn\'t do the melody any justice at all and it greatly detracts from it.

    One hint when you\'re doing your own orchestrations: make the musical line idiomatic to the instrument your using. In October, the violin melody part is a little awkward because it really isn\'t phrased for a violin. The melody works a little better on the flute, but here again, a more flute-like variation might work better.

    I like it. Keep hold of that baton, but don\'t drop the Ibanez either.

    Good Luck,


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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.

    I\'d like to orchestrate, but my lack of knowledge of the orchestra hinders me. These orchestrations are very close (some parts spot-on) to what I\'m hearing in my head, I can find the notes to compose but am not yet familiar enough with the \'colors\' of each instrument to know myself where those notes should then go...

    But I am trying to learn as much as I can.


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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.


    Well, I thought your first piece was lovely. I have not listened to the second as yet because I wanted to comment on what I did listen to before it escaped me.

    I disagree with the previous post regarding your melody line not being appropriate to the violin.
    I thought the emotion of that instrument was quite in keeping with what it seemed you had in mind.

    What I thought could be improved mostly was the MIDI editing - especially of the violin. Whatever sample you used sounded good but the attack and release sounded synthetic which, of course, has nothing whatever to do with your composition.

    The orchestration stagnated at times, I thought. But jeeze. You never said you were Beethoven either.
    If I could only give you one piece of advice though, it would be this: if you love doing this, screw what we all think.

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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.

    Originally posted by runamuck:
    ...You never said you were Beethoven either...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You are very right. These are only my second and third pieces written for the orchestra, so I was just wonder how they stood up... I have very little knowledge of what\'s been done in the past in this area.

    Thank you anyone who\'s listened.


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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.

    I agree with runamuck. The midi editing could be more effective. The leap on the downbeat motive would be played a bit ahead of the beat by a real player (especially the second note). Melodically I liked it, but I found the voice leading and harmony begging for more elegance. That\'s something you only learn with experience, so my advice is keep doing it and keep posting here for feedback.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Need honest opinion on my two new compositions.

    Hi Alan,

    I enjoyed your pieces, but unfortunately do not have the knowledge/training to comment on orchestration. But what was interesting about your compositions is that I could so well feel this was a peice almost 100% composed in your head. You did very little revision/writing after the fact. Never experienced that sensation listening to a work before.

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