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Topic: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

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    langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    does anyone here use or know something about these products?
    thanks and very sorry to put this topic here but my sister is going to the USA today and i ask her to buy for me and i´m totally blind about it. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    A Studio Projects mic was used to record the Maestro Malmsjo soundfont piano (not to be confused with the Art Vista Malsmjo. Sounds very good. There\'s a ProRecording.com review of the mic at:


    (You can find a discussion of this piano, which regrettably has brief samples, by searching in the discussion area for \"sexy.\" No, not kidding.)

    Are you finding this mic for sale in stores? I haven\'t seen it anywhere.

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    I bought two StudioProject C1 mics last year here in Holland for (approx) $310 a piece. Great mics for this budget price. I believe Thomas_J also has one or two and is very happy with it.

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    thank you guys for your help.
    c1 will be my choice but t3 can be much better than c1?the tube sound (t3)can really improve my recording?
    and how about pre amp ?so many choices.....
    a friend of mine works with 10 vintage langevin tube preamps .he did a recording of my other friend Daniel Guedes an amazing violinist (Pinkas Zukerman`s pupil in Ny) and his ex wife Yukiko Tamura ,piano and beliave me sounds better than my Deutch Grammophon cd(sonata for piano and violin in b flat major k.454 David Garret, violin and Itamar Golan ,piano.so i´m looking for langevin vintage stuff and i´d found the am16 pre amp (All Class A circuitry built with no capacitors in the signal path) but my friend doesn´t know it.
    any help will be welcome [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    could you show me some recording using the vtb1?guitar,vocal......
    thanks anyways.

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics


    If you get the C1 and VTB-1 preamp, you can dial in as much or as little tube sound as you like. With a tube microphone, you\'ve always got the tube, and you also have to deal with an additional power supply, etc.

    I don\'t have any piano or vocal samples with the C1 and VTB-1 (I use them to record didgeridoo and Native American flute), but I know there was a microphone shootout that had samples of vocals and guitar with the C1, B1 and VTB-1. If I can find it again, I\'ll post the link.

    -- Martin

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    BTW, the C1 was in short supply for a while until very recently. I believe they are shipping out all the backorders now, so they should start to be in stock real soon.

    -- Martin

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    Thanks guys for the kind words. As a new poster to this site, I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

    We have completed our UK office, and many of the prices have come way down in Europe, and in fact, we are getting ready to reduce some of the costs on certian models....

    So, anything I can help with, I am here and willing... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics

    I also recently bought a C1. I sold a Neumann U87 to buy it! Seriously, since I bought a nice Neumann M147, I rarely used the U87. Usually only for guitars. So I made a £500 profit by selling the U87 and getting the C1!

    Well, I was shocked at how nice it was on this female singer I\'m working with. The U87 didn\'t work as well as the M147, but the C1 had a really sweet top end, with a nice presence as well. I A/B\'d it with the M147, and for the pop track I was working on, I prefered the C1. Great value! You can\'t go wrong for £200.


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    Re: langevin am-16preamp,studio projects mics


    Studio Projects mics are awesome at any price. I have two C1s and 1 B1, and am very happy with all of them. I also have two of their VTB-1 preamps which are also very nice.

    -- Martin

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