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Topic: Realivox Winners Announced! Oh wait . . .

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    Realivox Winners Announced! Oh wait . . .

    Realitone has announced two of the winners for the "Realivox - The Ladies" drawing. (Two preliminary winners to be chosen before NAMM, one additional winner afterwards.) The winners are: Benjamin Greene and Judith Krischer-Greene!

    When informed of their good fortune, Ben said, "Thanks dad!" Judith's response was equally enthusiastic: "Okay honey, but I don't even remember entering ..." Okay, maybe she doesn't sound enthusiastic, but trust me, she gets really excited when it all sinks in!

    <UPDATE> I have just been informed that it isn't legal to have family members win a drawing. Now they tell me! (Stupid congress and their meddling laws. Shouldn't they be solving our financial crisis or something important instead of hassling the little guy???)

    So it looks like I have to actually make it possible for people who I don't even know to win. (Damn, my brother is going to be pissed, because he was sorta counting on winning the third one.)

    So here's the deal: If you've entered before, then you're already good to go. (Even if you're not a relative.) But if you haven't entered yet, then scurry yourself on over to our website and click that "Contest" button. While you're there, maybe listen to a demo or two. Heck, if the mood strikes you, maybe even buy a copy of Realivox. Your clients will thank you! (Seriously, some already have. One of these days I need to put a testimonials page on the website.) And don't worry, if you do buy (or already bought) Realivox, you're still eligible to win. If your name is drawn, we'll simply refund your purchase price. 'Cause that's how we roll.

    Two names will be drawn right before NAMM (January 24-27.) The third will be drawn afterwards. I'm doing it that way because I'll have a contest fishbowl at my booth, so I want you (my good friends!) to have the best odds before the numbers get too high from the NAMM riff raff. You'll be entered for both drawings, of course, so no need to re-enter.

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    Re: Realivox Winners Announced! Oh wait . . .

    At long last, our three winners of a free copy of "Realivox - The Ladies" have been selected (at random) from the 2,000 entries. They are Andreas Hamrin, Michael Chrostek and Marius Masalar (aka Mathazzar.) To the best of my knowledge, none of them are my relatives. I promise!

    Now, people who bought Realivox were automatically eligible for this drawing as well, but as cruel fate would have it, none won. Well, we can't have that, can we? After all, who better to reward than our faithful customers? So we selected one additional winner from these fine folks who will receive a free copy of "Realivox - The Men" when it is released later this year. Our lucky winner is Julien Duc.

    Thank you to all who entered! Honestly, I wish more could have won.

    And for those who were waiting until after the contest to finally pull the trigger and buy Realivox, what better time than now to head on over to the Realitone website! Go ahead. You know you want to!

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