I recently purchased "Garritan Ultimate Collection," and I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how they work with Finale. I am running on Windows 7.

My questions are mainly about the features included in them, such as ensemble building and keyswitching.

This is my launch window:

As you can see, Garritan Instant Orchestra is not present. I'm not sure how exactly to fix this. (I have downloaded the ZIP file, and placed its contents in the folder described, but it changed nothing.) Instant Orchestra IS available in the ARIA player.

First, Keyswitching.
I notice that the different types of instruments have different effects that are attached. (Pictured here: Flute Solo Flutter, Flute Solo NonVib, etc.) I am under the impression that the Flute KS is an instrument that can switch between these features. How does one do it?

Secondly, on the website for personal orchestra, it describes ensemble building as a very specific way to choose tone quality, and has other related features. How does this work?

Third, some instruments, when loading, display the following message, then does not produce sound. How do I fix it?

Thank you.