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Topic: Need Help with SOV

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    Need Help with SOV

    Just got symphony of voices in the mail today.
    I got ready to install, and to my suprise, none of the cd\'s are recognized by my cpu. PLEASE tell me that I just didn\'t spend $500 on something that doesn\'t work in Windows. I\'ll just cry! I\'m running XP, 1.8ghz, 1g ram. ROM drives work fine with any cd but these 5. Help? Advice?

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    When I bought SOV it was in AKAI format. I dont think you can buy it in a format that your computer will understand right off the bat.

    You\'ll need to convert the files, in my case that was to Giga.

    This is where a program like CD-Xtract or Translator will save you hours.

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    SOV is either in Akai or Roland format. Do you have an Akai sampler, or Roland XV-5080?

    You can\'t open them up on a PC. You may want to get Chickensys if you want to translate it to another format.

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    Well, first let me preface this by saying I use a mac, and know very little about PC\'s.

    I noticed on Spectrosonics website that SOV is only available in Akai/Emu or Roland formats. Is that what you have?

    For my mac to recognize one of those formats, I have to have my software sampler (ESX)open to the Akai import page, so it\'s looking for CD-ROMS in that format. Otherwise I\'m told the disk is unrecognizable.

    Or you\'ll need to use CDXtract or Chicken Systems to convert to the format of your choice.

    Is that perhaps what is going on?

    Or perhaps you\'ve already been in touch with Spectrosonics. If I had just spent 500 dollars, I certainly would have wanted to get it figured out...fast!

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    I figured that giga had a converter for Akai format and that Windows would recognize that CD. So I need to use CD extract or another convert to do this? Thanks for all your help

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    Hi, you dont NEED a third party program but they do save you hours of time. The newer versions also give you the option to convert to other programs like Kontakt if the need arises.

    I also had a problem with the inbuilt Giga-converter crashing my system repeatedly. I never use it now.

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    Before you give up,
    Giga should recognize Akai format.
    If you open the cd through Giga (under local sampler) and load it onto your hard drive I do believe it will automaticaly translate it for you using the SConverter.
    I went through this when I bought Advanced Orchestra and was stumped for a little bit. It has been some time but I remember this not bieng to hard.
    Let us know if you have any problems.

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    Wow look at all the post times! So close together.
    You gotta love this forum. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    Scott beat me by 7 min. LOL

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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    Hey all,

    Those who have CDXtract. How does your PC \'recognize\' the Akai proprietary structure. I was under the impression that none of my Akai disks could be read on a PC - even with CDXtract. Is this not true (please be so).

    I have tried loading up an Akai disk and the explorer doesn\'t show that I have anything in my CD rom drive. What\'s up with this??


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    Re: Need Help with SOV

    Hi Rob, its true that Windows itself will not \"see\" any data on the disk. If you load it into your drive and open CD Xtract though, there will be a list of partitions show up.

    You can actually do a batch conversion to a specified directory on your hard drive.

    88Fingers; You gotta type fast around here! Lol! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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