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Topic: VSL /1 computer

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    VSL /1 computer

    First of all, I don\'t yet have VSL. I\'ve read some stuff recently that got me a lttle worried at first. I guess I\'m different than everyone else here, but I only use one system. And it sounds like there might be a midi problem running VSL with perf. tools and a sequencer. This may in fact not really be a problem, but if it is, wouldn\'t two soundcards be a cheaper solution to two computers. I\'m actually already using two soundcards. Basically one is for midi and the other for audio. But anytime there\'s a midi in/out issue you could just substitute the other card. No?

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    Re: VSL /1 computer

    I\'m running VSL & sequencer on 1 machine with no problems. Using a MOTU Pocket Express for Midi I/O along with the Performance Tool. Runs great.

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