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Topic: Kontakt, Halion and the like

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    Kontakt, Halion and the like

    Sorry, if this is being discussed before, but technology goes on and someone must evaluate from time to time...

    If you had to buy a Softsampler now, which one would you choose, if you want maximum Gigasample-Import and excellent performance ?

    How does Halion, Kontakt and EXS 24 compare ? Where are the big advantages or disadvantages ?

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    Re: Kontakt, Halion and the like

    Halion 2.02 is by far the best choice on the market today. With the release of Halion 2.02 the giga imports are the best of any sampler on the market. Much improved xfade imports and release settings. Things like megga trigger functions, key switchs advanced xfades. It Rocks. No import will be perfect, but Halion now places the different sets of samples like for an xfade in different folders which makes tweaking them a breeze. For creating new sample sets it is with out a doubt the most powerful sampler on the market today. Combined with Cubase SX 2.01 the combination is very stable and unbeatable.

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    Re: Kontakt, Halion and the like

    I do believe that Halion 2.02 does in fact have the best Giga import. But Kontakt is the most interesting of the 3 IMO due to its incorporation of Granular synthesis,Time And Tone mangling possiblities. Ive heard EXS is really solid and intuitive inside Logic. If i were buying right now I`d get Kontakt as my main and Halion just for my old Giga libs. Or u could wait another half a year for GS3 as it might blow us away!!!Rich

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    Re: Kontakt, Halion and the like

    If it\'s Giga import you\'re after, Halion gives excellent results and the presentation is oh, so elegant.
    It may not currently mangle sounds with the depth of Kontakt but it is capable of providing some very nice synth features. The new Waldorf filters are as good as you would expect from Waldorf.
    Halion has a preload which is equivalent to Giga\'s allowing you to have a lot of sounds on line at one time.
    You certainly have options at this time - which is a good thing. Just decide what your priorities are.

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