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Topic: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

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    Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    Which one would you recommend for having some ethnic weaponry?
    Is \"Quantum Leap Rare Instruments\" the best one in your opinion?

    I would prefer non-Giga recommendations, but just tell what you think.

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?


    RI is an awesome collection. Very warm and realistic.

    Ethno World by Marcel Barsotti is also very high standard.

    Not heard \"Celtic\" and \"World Winds\" yet, but sound also very reasonable.

    Look at the instrument listings to see, what instruments you will need.

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    Hi, I can only speak for QLRI. It\'s awesome. I don\'t think you would regret buying it.

    It\'s got what is considered to be the samples ever done of Taiko drums. Other instruments are great too.

    My personal fav\'s would be Duduk (kind of like a middle eastern clarinet), Uillean Pipes (Irish pipes), Irish Low Whistle and the Erhu (Chinese stringed instrument). There is a guide that gives you a background on each instrument and its range.

    I think it\'s Doyle\'s (dwdonehoo) site that has a few samples featuring QLRI for a game he did if you wanted to hear it in action.

    Actually I found the link; http://www.sierra-trails.com/radarmusiclinks/bstonemusic.htm [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    QLRI is a great place to start, with lots and lots of well-recorded and conceived instruments.

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    QLRI also comes in other formats other than Giga if you are on Kontact or something else.

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    RI is a sonic delight, you can\'t go wrong there.

    If you are looking for ethnic percussion you may want to check out the upcoming \'Culture\' library from Yellow Tools when it is released.

    The problem with a lot of the libraries is that they are shallow in the treatment of non-Western/folk instruments.
    Just look at the new orchestral libraries for instance, as many nuances as possible are recorded, there is a lot of attention to detail.
    Yet when it comes to non-Western/folk instruments it suddenly becomes a scrapheap called \'World\' and the attention for detail seems to have vanished.
    That is also why I liked RI, it displays a lot more attention to detail than previously was the custom.
    However, sampling ethnic instruments is still not on the same level as sampling Western orchestral instruments. Who knows, maybe a developer will rise to the challenge and release the ultimate \'Indian\' virtual instrument, just to name an example... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    looks like someone is already trying:


    grooves magazine

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    Re: Good ethnic/world instruments lib?

    I can recomend World Winds, great colection...
    I also love Ethno World,great sound but it needs lot of work...

    I just have the lite ProSamples version of QL RI so don\'t knw about the full lib....but what I heard on the cd I have I didn\'t like too much.


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