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Topic: Is this too much reverb?

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    Is this too much reverb?

    I\'m using the new Dreamverb for the UAD-1. I like it much better than Realverb...it seems I\'m able to add much more without that cloudy sound...

    But what do you think? I want the trumpet to have a distant, lonely type sound. Did I go overboard?

    Theworking title is \"La Pasion Tranquila\"


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    Re: Is this too much reverb?

    For me it´s Oka.
    Trompet sounds far, and clear.
    Good job.

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    Re: Is this too much reverb?

    Hey Sporter,
    As far as the verb goes it seems nice. I would play with the trumpet note lengths to get rid of some of that synthiness. The attacks are nice but they don\'t flow so well trying to legato-ize them. Giving that fella a tiny breather every couple of notes should help it out. Make some of those quicker note runs more of a stac articulation. That should help the realism.
    Another thing that stood out was the drums. They seem to be in the same space as the trump, and i think you can bring them forward a touch. Your drummer has a nice, fast kick drum foot, but it sounds a bit out of place against this slower tempo. The drums also come in and drop out pretty suddenly. It sounds a bit haphazard. Try smoothing it out with cymbal or hi-hat transitions to keep a flow.When the cellos and c-bass come in is the richest part for me.

    It\'s a nice, romantic, Sangria in Spain after the bull fights kinda vibe. Keep tweaking it.


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    Re: Is this too much reverb?

    You might wanna give a second to let the trumpet solo in the beginning have a breath. =)

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    Re: Is this too much reverb?

    Hey folks, thanks a million for the lisen and the feedback. Horn solos are tough...but I like the sound so tried to build on it. I\'ll see what I can come up with on the breathing and maybe the tonguing. This is from Dan Dean solo brass, BTW. All excellent sounds, I think.

    On the drums, you think maybe Eq to put it in its place would work better? It is a busy beat, but I was trying to have contrast with the slow legato stuff. I wanted to add some passion, so to speak. Maybe it\'s not working... I originally did it with no drums, but it sort of died after the 2nd verse, so I turned on Groove Agent, and well...

    I do appreciate the help.

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