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Topic: Opening Titles

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    Opening Titles


    Here is some opening title music for a fictional film.
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    Re: Opening Titles

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful and sounds very good! A nice orchestral sound and balance. A pity you didn't say what libraries (and DAW) you used.

    Thanks for sharing this piece!


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    Re: Opening Titles

    David! This sounds great to me. The instrument balance was perfect and the dynamic changes were very well placed. You kept the melody very interesting and the supporting harmonies and movement perked my ears many times. I really like this a lot. I think a good movie title for this would be "The werewolf eats a vampire" or something like that. Just kidding. Thanks for your post. Jay

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    Re: Opening Titles

    Thanks for listening and for your kind words. I'm very grateful.

    I used Finale to compose and record this piece with Garritan instruments for Finale and a few samples from GPO2
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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    Re: Opening Titles

    David, I've been looking forward to more music posts from you - They've all been so beautiful and nicely done.

    And this piece written for the fictitious film certainly doesn't disappoint. Warm, romantic, gentle, and with a hint of a good story to come - It would be fabulous married to the right film project.

    Excellent work - And I'm very impressed you generated the recording in Finale. I'm betting you could pass some very useful tips on to other Finale users. I invite you to visit the main hang out, General Discussion, and post some tales and info of how you work in Finale. I know a lot of people would appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for the inspiring music.


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    Re: Opening Titles

    I love this! This is so much more relaxed than I expected. I was expecting adventure but the beauty in just the tonality of the horns and the woodwinds with the slow backing strings is just perfect and really sets a mood!

    I think my only suggestion and it's so minor if to even be considered by you whatsoever, would be to mix out a little mid, and bring out the highs slightly. The bass could use some more umph in my personal opinion, but I say that bout every piece...
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

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    Re: Opening Titles

    Thank you so much for your praise and input. Your words mean the world to me.
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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