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Topic: VSL performance set

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    VSL performance set

    The good news is that I now own the performance set. The bad news is that I cannot get the legto strings to play correctly. I downloaded the manuel, and followed the instructions. I tried different things and it did not work. It is not playing correctly. I am not having problems with the other stuff. I don\'t use the VSL MIDI tool for anything else. The repition tools work fine with just the sequencer.

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    Re: VSL performance set

    First register, then download the Performance tool. Once you\'ve done that, follow the instructions for the correct setup. Set one channel to Legato then click once on the >. Go to File>Open and sellect the appropriate template. Now select your Legato strings.

    How are you not getting them to play correctly?

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    Re: VSL performance set

    sequencer and GS on the same machine?

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    Re: VSL performance set

    First thing to do is just start with only the GigaStudio and make it work there first before you try to bring in the sequencer. You need to disable the Giga MIDI loop in this case by clicking on the little keyboard icon until it flashes orange & white. The launch the legato tool, set the input to your MIDI in, the output to a Giga port and see if that helps.
    Once you have it working with just the Giga, then you can try to implement the sequencer.
    Thats how I reccomend getting started with these things. Once you get it working, you know what it is suppose to sound like and you have a sanity check to go by. It helps you narrow down any problems.
    Hope this helps

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    Re: VSL performance set

    I am still not getting the correct playback. I have Giga and the sequencer on the same computer. I am using Finale for this. I have registered my performance set. This must be done before one can download the manual and the software.
    I use the violin template every time, it seemed like a logical choice.
    When I load in the violins legato performance, I see a type of split keyboard of two ranges. There are several pink keyswitch areas also.
    I followed the instructions in the manual (which needs to proofread...telling to me to *notice* something is not the same thing as performing an action). In any event, I able to follow the instructions. I also tried Dave\'s advice. I pressed a random key (he did not specify which key to press), and saw the white-orange color change. My file plays the same way.
    What I hear is the line playing the notes in the way that they are arranged on the vitural keyboard. I am not hearing any true legtao at all.

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    Re: VSL performance set

    It looks like I need to proofread my own writing...I hope someone knows what is going on.

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    Re: VSL performance set

    I use the Delta Audiofile sound card. I tried to go back and see if I might have missed a step. When I opened the Performance Tool, and I selected the my soundcard, I got an error message stating that no port was avalible.

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    Re: VSL performance set

    You probable need a a virtual mididriver when running Giga and sequencer on the same machine in conjunction with the performance tool.

    Take a look at this tread at VSL:
    A virtual midi driver solution on Xp/2000 Jeff Hurchella has provided a solution.


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    Re: VSL performance set

    I read the thread, and I changed the MIDI ports in Giga (before, I only change port I to none) all to NONE. I went into Finale, and changed Midi in to none. MIDI out is set to Giga-port I. I tried selecting \"none\" on MIDI out, but I got no sound. I am getting things to play with this different setup, but the legato mode is still not functioning correctly. Any Legato performance patch that I load plays as though it is just another patch. I can load a flute, clarinet, or legato performance...it makes no difference in the playback.

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    Re: VSL performance set

    Two thoughts. First, VSL was created with the idea it would be on a separate machine. Second, the problem with playback may be Finale and its handling of MIDI playback for Giga triggering.

    I suggest you go to the VSL forum and post a note for Herb to see if anyone there has experimented with Finale and Giga.

    We have seen good experience with Sibelius running Giga well on the same system, Obviously, that\'s not the same program, but it is within the same genre. So if we know that Sibelius/Giga on the same system coexists, then the problem has to be sourced back to Finale, not Giga or VSL.

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