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Topic: mikes bones

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    mikes bones

    Tob, thanks for the tip as to where to find said bones... could you now maybe help me use them? I\'m trying to convert them in exs but she just doesn\'t want to recognize them. I tried putting the .gig suffix and shortening the file names (Good tip from from senor Bouhalassa, my canadian compatriot) but no go. One of the downloads is a series of .wav files that I can listen to that has me chomping at the bit to find out what this mysterious mike has provided us all!
    Any tips appreciated



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    Re: mikes bones

    I presume that you have unpacked all the rar files and that you are on mac. Exs doesnt recgonize them you say.. if theres any of the mike files that exs recognize you could try this: Download \'File Buddy\', start it, tell it which file you want to have for reference and tell it to change type and creator on all the files that doesnt work. If it still doesnt work you should check out cdxtract which is a converter for both pc and mac. Its not free but if you need a samplecd converter thats the one imo. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Good luck!


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