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Topic: Finally !

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    Finally !

    After much messing about with both GS and frontpage, I\'ve finally got my very first web site up and running (it might not be great but it is my first attempt).

    The site is at www.silveroctopus.co.uk

    Although still early days, there are a few demos of Romantic Pipe Organ I and English Church Bells together with some original compositions and renditions of my classical Midi files. This is the very first time I\'ve published anything for appraisal on the web so please be gentle.

    There are also some cool internal photos of \"the Beast\" which I sampled from.

    Please forgive the fact that one or two files report an error and won\'t upload. I\'m addressing the problem ASAP.

    Enjoy (or not as the case may be).

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    Re: Finally !

    Hi Silver,

    The Tuba Tune is beautiful. And that\'s one big sounding high pressure reed.

    In basic sales 101 they always say sell benefits not features. The front page of your web site is rather technical. I would have the picture of the instrument on the front page (can you get a color one pic?). It\'s an impressive and very British sounding instrument. I want it.

    Thanks for posting.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Finally !

    Thanks Steve.

    The Schumann Canon and Gigout Scherzo plus a few other files are currently missing and should be up and sorted as soon as I finish writing this.

    I\'ve included a picture of \"The Beast\" at St. Georges on the home page as suggested. Unfortunately it\'s in B&W and the organ and hall are currently undergoing refurbishment which makes access impossible. It\'s the largest neo- classical hall in the world and the organ at 120 speaking stops + is not exactly small either. It\'s the 3rd largest in the UK after Liverpool Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall.
    In addition, the hall authorities now want an absolute fortune to photo the organ so I suppose I was really lucky to get 5 weeks of daily sampling and full access to every part as you can see from the photos page.

    Stops on the organ range from 64\' (acoustic) right up to the highest of the highs ie: from about 8Hz up to 16K+ fundamentals so you can imagine the sound is pretty impressive.

    The Tuba in the Cocker is actually only a Tromba on about 8\" of wind which has been tweaked. I have yet to do the real Tuba which is on about 25\" and will sound a bit different to say the least.


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    Re: Finally !


    Good to know that things are progressing. I could not access your site though (just got \"server not found/DNS error\").

    One question: are you sticking with GS format only or are considering Hauptwerk as well?

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    Re: Finally !

    It would seem that there was a \"time out\" problem with my FTP server which meant that certain files didn\'t upload. Despite trying several uploads the problem remained.

    I have now sorted this and the site should be up and running completely ie with excerpts from Holst Planets, Tchaikowski Romeo and Juliet etc. plus my own piano concerto and other bits and bobs. Just in case, a couple of smaller files are quoted here:-


    I should be uploading a free Giga file or two in the next few days.


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