Ok. First, excuse my English, I\'m European.
I\'ll give mathematical (or probabilist) arguments coupled with some psychology.

1) First of all, we constat that Sound7 and Psalm145 have the \"same\" sound. So if one is REAL, the other must be real too !

2) Sound7(2) sound clear, perfect stereo mapping. It\'s too clear ! it\'s SAMPLES.

3) In Sound7, we hear the looooonnnng sustaining pedal. Not in Sound7(2). Sound7 is REAL.
Psalm145, as I said, has the same \"low fi\" sound, and it\'s more resonating than Psalm145(2).

4) Now, psychological aspects :
- Your goal is to sell the sampled versions, that\'s explains why the sampled versions are sooooo beautiful.
- The telephone ring is obviuosly \"sampled\" too !
And why a telephone (!) in this kind of room ?

Conclusion : Sound7 true
Sound7(2) sampled
Psalm145 true
Psalm145(2) sampled
Don\'t tell me I\'m wrong, because I\'m not...
ps : I prefer the fakes one !!!