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Topic: Gigapulse

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    Ok guys...

    A friend of mine went to the AES show in NYC last weekend. Tascam had litterature on a new VST plug-in for PC\'s . Something called Gigapulse..kind of an Altiverb on steroids..
    Could it be that Tascam has some more goodies for us for NAMM 2004 like giga 3.0????
    At least , it\'s a sign that Tascam hasn\'t thrown the towel on software R&D..( ok..maybe vaporware at this stage..!!)
    Maybe i\'m too optimistic...



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    Re: Gigapulse

    Thanks for the link Simon!

    I was hoping to let the world know about this....!!
    Can\'t stay out of this forum for too long huh???
    Well , I still think it\'s a positive preliminary step towards Giga 3 \'cause this plug in will be part of it AND it\'s VST !!

    let\'s keep our fingers crossed for NAMM 2004!


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