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Topic: The General

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    The General

    Been away from composing recently. Slowly getting back into the swing of things.


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    Re: The General

    Peter! I remember you - Good heavens, it's been a long time.

    I enjoyed your "General," it has a pleasant, memorable melody. Recording feedback--the incessant drum seemed to predominate a bit too much, and the stereo spread of the strings seemed too narrow. If the piano could maintain its own slot in your panning scheme, I think the balance would be more clear. An experiment with pulling the reverb down a tad could be worthwhile also.


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    Re: The General

    Hi, it has been sometime, Happy New Year.

    Took a year off to tour with a 7-piece band 'Shirakashi' (usual guitars and drums, Violin, Cello and Piano) - produced an album 'Dreamland'.

    I'm a little rusty with GPO - give it time, I'll soon remember what I've forgotten

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    Re: The General


    I liked the General. It's a romantic, lush latin piece.

    It does have some sonic issues, especially that pounding drum. Maybe you should use a light snare drum or another percussion instrument if you want some rhythm to it. At least vary the beat so it doesn't sound like someone is using a hammer back stage.

    This could be a very attractive piece with some editing.


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    Re: The General


    Dropped the drums and used a latin rhythm section, cleaned up strings - hope this is better
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