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Topic: No Title As Yet

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    No Title As Yet

    Here's a new link - Suggestions for a title would be appreciated


    btw, having problems with soundcloud
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    Re: No Title As Yet

    Quote Originally Posted by Piano Maestro View Post
    Suggestions for a title would be appreciated

    You've removed the recording? Perhaps you could edit this post to explain that the piece is temporarily down, or whatever the case may be.


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    Re: No Title As Yet


    I listened to you music and you have some good ideas but it seems to repeating the same motif or sort of variations of it for way too long. It becomes fatiguing for the listener. At about 5:00 it finally changes but maybe not enough and then it's back again although with some variations.

    I think you have the start of something but need to really let go and experiment more, take some chances.

    I'm no musical expert but just a common listener and I hope you take it as such. It's just what I feel.


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