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Topic: Dancing

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    For those of you have visited my previous post, there are NO PIRATES HERE.
    This is kind of a groove dancing tune. It uses JABB horns and E. piano.


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    Re: Dancing

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    For those of you have visited my previous post, there are NO PIRATES HERE...
    Ha! Oh my, we were a bit merciless about the Pirates--hehe--but we enjoyed the music!

    And now, the JABB Jazz Class is back in session! Honestly, Jay, I challenge anyone to so consistently show us all how great JABB can sound. Your pieces using the Library are always so good and hot, and I always think of past posts I've seen where people are complaining about JABB- they just don't know what they're doing! Loved this one - Applause 4 U!


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    Re: Dancing

    Hey Randy! Thank you very much. I enjoy working with JABB because with it, I can emulate some of the music I used to play back in the day. I call this song dancing because as soon as my wife heard it, she got up from her chair and started dancing around the room.
    Thanks for the comment. Jay

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    Re: Dancing

    Marvellous, Jay. And your wife is right all the way: you just can't sit back and listen. This rhythm and tune are far more than an open invitation.

    Terrific rendering!


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    Re: Dancing

    It's great Jay. Good R&B make you want to dance.

    It had a cute ending.


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    Re: Dancing

    Hey Max and Phil! Thanks for giving this a listen. I am glad that you guys liked this. I found it kind of hard to keep from moving my feet when I listen to this song.
    Thanks again. Jay

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    Re: Dancing

    Very funky. My foot wouldn't stop tapping and it really took me back.

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    Re: Dancing

    Hey Richard! I am glad that you liked it and it is good that your foot got a little work out.

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