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Topic: No Sounds with GPO4 and Finale 2012

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    No Sounds with GPO4 and Finale 2012

    I purchased and installed Finale 2012 on a MacBook Pro. Starting working in the program and loved it, though still learning the shortcuts and all. I then purchased the GPO4 yesterday and went through the installation and activation. As I understand it, though admittedly I'm a complete newbie at using the software, to use the GPO4 voices, I need to go to the Midi/Audio tab and select "Play Finale through audio units". However, when I select that, I don't get any sounds; the music scrolls, but no sounds. It will play, however, if I select "Play through midi".

    I then went into the ScoreManager and each of the instruments were showing "Garritan Instruments for Finale" under the "Device" column. I changed one of the instruments to "Garritan: Aria Player" which then results in red text in the "Sound" column that says "Edit Player". I click on "Edit Player" and it takes me to the Aria Player configuration tool, and I noted that the entry for that instrument's channel is selected, but shows as empty. I clicked on the instrument title (in this case it was supposed to be a cello) and then GPO > Standard > 8.Section Strings > 4.Cello > Cello KS. I then tried playing it back again, and still nothing.

    I also read in another post about downloading various files and copying them into various locations under MakeMusic. One of the files was the Garritan SoundMap which was to be copied to the "Data" file. I did a search, as was described in the article using the file finder go to menu, and there is no "Data" file.

    Finally, I read an article about making sure GPO / Aria Player is 1st in the sound map priorities. So I went to Midi/Audio > Sound Map Priorities and neither GPO4 nor Aria Player are listed. The only ones listed are "Garritan Instruments for Finale" and "SmartMusic SoftSynth".

    Help! Thanks!

    UPDATE: I discovered that I needed to change the audio setting on the Macbook Pro to play the Garritan Aria Player back through the headphone jack (have a cable from the headphone jack to my studio mixer)! Dumb...dumb...dumb!

    Also, I found out I had to remap (might not be right terminology) each of the voices within the Aria player. After doing that, seems to be working!
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    Unhappy Re: No Sounds with GPO4 and Finale 2012

    Unfortunately I am also experiencing the same issue. I just upgraded from Finale 2010 to 2012 and GPO4 is now showing in the setup wizard and getting the same results with GPO4 sounds in pre-existing documents. I googled it and found a suggestion on MakeMusic/Finale's website that suggest the old copy/pasting of GPO4 files to C:/Programs/Finale/Data files and that did not change a thing. I will be calling Finale tech support tomorrow.
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