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Topic: Garritan in Finale 2012 edit player...

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    Exclamation Garritan in Finale 2012 edit player...

    Hello, when I want to hear my music with garritan Personal Orchestra which I have installed, i see every time : edit player... I have to click on it every time and select an instrument. When I clicked the instrument, i can not see which i selected. Why can't I see the instruments in a list? Kind regards

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    Re: Garritan in Finale 2012 edit player...

    Hello Suzan and a very warm welcome to our forums.

    Just a very quick reply for now.

    Have you tried setting up a score using Finale's Setup Wizard? (File/New/Document with Setup Wizard)

    I'll call back later when I have a little more time.
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    Re: Garritan in Finale 2012 edit player...

    Okay, I've tried to replicate the problem you describe without success. I have three suggestions to try to help.

    (1). In your existing score go to the top menu bar and select: Midi/Audio / VST Banks and Effects. You should have the ARIA Player showing under 'VST Intrument'

    Now click on the little pencil icon and the ARIA Player should open. The instruments you have loaded into your score should be listed in the available slots. If there are no instruments loaded, then click on the word 'Empty' and GPO should be listed there. Select and load an instrument. Go to the other empty slots and load your instruments until all instruments are loaded.

    With all instruments loaded, now re-check the Score Manager and everything should be OK.

    (2). My second suggestion would be to use Finale's 'Setup Wizard' to setup your score. With this your score will be prepared with all instruments loaded ready to play.

    With your score now prepared, you can now go into the 'Score Manager' and check and change any instruments there.

    (3). If none of the above help then my third suggestion is to invite you to send me your score for me to take a look at it here on my system.

    If you would like to do this, you could either email it to me or post a link for me to download your score.

    Please let us know how you get on and good luck.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Garritan in Finale 2012 edit player...

    I am having the same issue. GPO4 was already installed and I was using Finale 2010 with not problems. I upgraded to Finale 2012 a couple of nights ago and now none of the GPO4 sounds show up in the Setup Wizard when creating a new document. I also used the method you suggested above before finding you post and there is still an issue with the sounds playing. I get the following message when opening an existing file, "Missing VST Instrument Plug-in/ Garritan Personal Orchestra Some sounds used in this document are not available on your computer. Would you like Finale to reassign all instruments in this document to sounds availabe on your computer? (Your file will be changed). Then it ad in a Bank of "SmartMusic SoftSynth" sounds and that is the only sounds heard.

    I also found this and tried it, GPO 4 will automatically install the required XML and Library files to your most current Finale installation. Please note that GPO 4 is only supported in Finale 2009 and later.
    If GPO 4 is not appearing as an option, please follow the steps below:
    1. Close Finale.
    2. Download the attached GPO4.zip file (below) to your Desktop.
    3. Unzip GPO4.zip and open the GPO4 folder.
    4. Copy Garritan Personal Orchestra 4.xml to:
      • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data*\MakeMusic\Finale 201x\MIDI Device Annotation
      • Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData*\MakeMusic\Finale 201x\MIDI Device Annotation
      • Mac: Mac HD > Library > Application Support > MakeMusic > Finale 201x > MIDI Device Annotation
    5. If using Finale 2012, copy the GPO4Full.soundmap file to:
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\Finale 2012\Data
      • Macintosh: Mac HD > Library > Application Support > MakeMusic > Finale 2012 >
    I printed a copy of the instructions listed above and still GPO4 is not appearing as an option in the Setup Wizard

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