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Topic: X-Ray Dog Trailer Music

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    X-Ray Dog Trailer Music


    Listen to the demo, beware its a rather large file.

    I hear this is a \"team\" of composers that make up \"X-Ray Dog\" which I am quite glad of since the range, quality and authenticity of their styles on the demo for only one person would be rather depressing...at least for me, lol.

    Anyway my question is, how, without StormDrum and the like, HOW you *program* drums and so on like the stuff around 47 seconds? How does one go about programming stuff like that??

    And can someone breakdown for me what actually going on in the clip from 1: 48 seconds - 1 min 59? Didnt they use that in Gladiator or something?

    Sorry, Im just a newbie that sometimes listens to stuff and thinks... \"I wanna do that!! I wanna do that!!!... How the *(&$ DID they DO THAT!!??\" lol.


    PS:I assume they arent using VOTA, as only Nick is allowed to use it in trailers... so I wonder if its live, or their own library perhaps... (???)

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    Re: X-Ray Dog Trailer Music

    filters, distortion, compression, wahs, delays and one sample [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Try this to get the sound at 47 seconds, layer a couple of snare drums, toms and maybe a kick, maybe some 808 snare/white noise too. Then a slight filter opening with velocity on the snare/white noise, then send out some signal from one or two (or however many you feel at this point) to a wah effect or phaser effect set with high rates and depth to give it a \"warbled\" sound, mix that back in, maybe throw a pitch shift in of one step down/up before the effect. Maybe slightly distort some of it on another send effect. Or better yet, put a gate in the front end of the above effects send THEN a delay tempo sync\'d with odd meter feedback AND mute the dry signal of the delay. Making for some cool rhythms

    Maybe layer a fat bass synth with the highs taken out underneath it.

    Whatever you do, compress the HELL out of it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: X-Ray Dog Trailer Music

    Thanks king! I\'ll have to try that... thats a lot of steps though.


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    Re: X-Ray Dog Trailer Music

    nah, once you get used to doing these \"tricks\" you can line up a chain like this pretty quickly, its \"mixing\" it that takes some finesse, but hell if you compress the living **** out of it, it usually doesn\'t matter.

    Anyhow, yes it does take a little work tho, like everything else you want to sound cool or good. If you want it simple then you have to buy Perc Adventures or Storm Drums [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    There\'s a reason these guys make them into libs. I did a couple of remixes on StormDrums, and man I learned alot. The stuff I can do now is crazy. My mind thinks up the signal chain I want to get the sound I want. Really cool, all it took was some \"doing\" and \"practice\".

    Its best to do this with seperate tracks (drum mix, doesn\'t matter if its MIDI or live), and not stereo loops. But that doesn\'t mean you cant get cool results with stereo drum loops, especially with gating and EQ, or if you\'ve got the capability, side chain gating and compressing or ducking. Noise reduction tools can do some cool stuff too. In fact just about every tool out there thats not an \"effect\" plug-in, you can probably use for some neat sound, or to get some neat rhytmic effects.

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