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Topic: Early instruments samples

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    Early instruments samples

    Anybody of the sound developers out there is interested in sampling early instruments (preferably original instruments and original playing techniques)?

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    Re: Early instruments samples

    Some years ago, I looked into the possibilities of a complete collection of early instruments for the Emu sampler prompted by both Emu and one or two sample developers.
    Keyboard instruments aren\'t really a problem as such since I can play those myself but obviously, shawms, viols, rackets, sorduns, cromornes, cornetts et al have to be played by someone capable of doing so.
    Whilst I certainly had access to all the instruments needed via Soar Valley Music etc. and one or two semi pro players available, the \"master\" instrumentalists all wanted an absolute fortune to provide the samples.
    Although several sample library labels were considerably interested they were unwilling to put their money...., Their attitude was \"produce a finished and sellable product (totally at your expense) and we might (just as a favour) consider adding it to our portfolio -(maybe)\" Since none of them were interested in getting more involved, I decided to abandon the project.
    However, I am considering tackling the keyboards such as clavichord, spinet and harpsichord in the future when I have finished my current project since I still have access to many fine instruments such as an original Ruckers in excellent condition for example.

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