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Topic: UAD Apollo latency

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    UAD Apollo latency

    I recently upgraded my D/A converter to the new UAD quad which comes with DSP for the UAD plug-ins, built in and tons of head room.
    I have been loving the way this unit sounds but have not been exactly pleased with the front end which has it's mixer acting as the main controller. It doesn't really let you bypass the mixer when recording (or as far as I can tell), so you can either mute your DAW or use both. If you don't mute your DAW, you get latency/slapback. As well, being a guitar player, I use a lot of virtual guitar stuff internally when recording, instead of amps etc….the problem is that if you bypass Logic to avoid the slapback/latency, you can't use the virtual instruments when you are recording. So I'm wondering if anyone else has the same unit and has figured out a work around, other than buying the thunderbolt connection. I'm super happy to be using this unit and super frustrated all at the same time…..

    I'm wondering if anyone else has the unit and figured out a work around or could suggest a different D/A in the same price range.

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    Re: UAD Apollo latency

    I assume you've been onto UAD support? They're really good and helpful,


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