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Topic: Unsure of what to make of VSL Demo CD

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    Unsure of what to make of VSL Demo CD

    Hey everyone -

    I bought the $10 demo cd, set giga up correctly as noted in the instructions, and see that when my sequencer triggers giga, the vsl legato tool correctly intercepts the notes.

    But what am I supposed to hear, sonically? I loaded the cello legato demo, and in the midi control surface window, I see 3 sets of activated keys - 1 of approx 12 keyswitches (pink) - although I notice no difference when triggering them. I also see two sets of activated keys, and when I play notes, sometimes the first set of open white keys is triggered, sometimes the second.

    It appears that sometimes I hear legato, sometimes I don\'t. Are there any particulars about this that I\'m missing? Also, should the keyswitches for this instrument do anything? I checked the mappingdocumentation.pdf included, but it didn\'t really address these questions.


    Eric Doggett

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    Re: Unsure of what to make of VSL Demo CD

    I dont have the demo CD, so I dont know what comes with the performance tool, if there are settings files that you can load or if it needs to be setup manually. There should be some instructions I hope, because me trying to explain the manual setup would prolly confuse you.

    You dont have to worry about the KeySwitches, the tool automatically and intelligently selects teh correct keyswitch depending on the legato interval that needs to be played. As for the 3 sets of mapped keys, dont think of it \"visually\", its only mapped that way due to gigastudio limitations, the tool remaps the notes you hit to the correct sample.

    What you need to do is set the performance tool to the correct range of the instrument, and keyswitch groupings. The actual tool comes with presaved settigns for each instrument, but I\'m not sure about the demo tool.

    are there any instructions with the demo CD?

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    Re: Unsure of what to make of VSL Demo CD

    It did come with instructions.

    After playing around with the legato tool, I figured out that by increasing the legato threshold slider, it would allow more time between notes to be considered as legato (thereby making it easier to play legato).

    I\'ll just ignore the keyswitch keys as something that the tool selects, then.

    It was nice playing with the legato trumpet. Sounded great. Curious if they are going to implement any same-note-alternator-type features ala GOS.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Unsure of what to make of VSL Demo CD

    As far as I know (from what I read at VSL forum)that feature is there already).

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    Re: Unsure of what to make of VSL Demo CD

    The present Performance Set includes: Legato Performances, Repetition Performances, Octave Runs and Appoggiaturas. Vienna says they have even bigger plans for the future. Many new features, they say, will require GStudio 3.0. Vienna says they eventually want to integrate into a sequencer/notation program whereby performance capablities would be accessed via notation. [See VSL Forum]

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