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Topic: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    Sounds like a good idea... Cubase.net has this and it works very well!



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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    That would be a great idea.
    First off it would provide a place for legitimate user demos, and some of them are great. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    We could also get rid of the \"this product New Demo \" posts that seem to be replied by the same people over and over at the strategic time just before the thread passes on the second page so that it sticks around as long as possible. These make the forum seem very unprofessional imo and should be put in a seperate User Demo forum.

    Although I also like to have demos of our products listened too, I\'d rather have this forum cleaned of all the supposedly \"user demos\" that are in fact disguised advertisment for sample libraries by the same people over and over and over.


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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    Agreed on all counts - I think that the propensity is to post in the top forum, as it shows the thread title at the top of the page. Perhaps the addition of a demo forum as well as re-ordering the forum listing will help alleviate the deluge.

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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    ...just curious... if the Jerry Gerber thread will stay forever on top of all the user demos threads? I think 2 weeks should be enough for a top thread like this, as most are checking in here daily. It doesn\'t mean it has to get deleted. Oh and, almost forgot, while we\'re at it, when will the global search function be availible, now that all the sections got split up?


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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    I agree with the proposal. And I would hope that the User Demo section would be listed just below the Sample Libraries one.

    I find that I go into a different mode to listen to demos/compositions/performances. I need the time to download them and relax/listen. Then ponder. Then, maybe, post. For libraries and general library discussions I can be in more of a click-read-maybepost-repeat mood. The pace is totally different.

    But most importantly, both topics have enough critical mass to make each section strong on its own.

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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    I agree as well

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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    It will be a Greate!! Idea..


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    Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    this morning as i went through my morning ritual (check mail, check NS) ... i was curious to know why there isnt a seperate section for user demos ... i see the off topic forum (which rarely gets visiits), but it looks as though the sample libraries discussion portion of this wonderful site gets over-run with \"Can you please listen to my work and give me feedback\" post. It is great that this community is so helpful but, maybe this type of discussion needs it\'s own place. I come here to get info on new products, updates, user tips, etc, but spend half my time sifting through post with user demos.

    Oh well, Papa, as always, great service you provide!! thanks!

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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    Hey SWL,
    I, for one completely concur and have already asked. It would be great if posts stuck around on page one of a thread for more than 12 hours. Self bumping, even when judiciously applied is just plain shameful. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    So here are your first two votes for uncluttering the sample library header.

    most sincerely,


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    Re: Attn Admin: Just curious ....

    You have my vote [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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