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Topic: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    Yes. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Won\'t be long!


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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    Thanks for the update Maarten - I am looking forward to it.


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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?


    Will you be offering a bundle when the trumpets are released? Or maybe you\'ll wait for a future T*** product to be finished, so you can offer the full ensemble.

    I noticed that while you have bundles on your site, the US resellers generally sell the Project Sam product separately. As a US citizen, and the only person on this site who hasn\'t yet purchased your horns/trombones, I\'m interested in some sort of bundled pricing. And with the trumpets being released soon, your libs are quickly moving to the top of my \"buy\" list.

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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    Hey JonFairhurst,

    Yes, these are already announced on our site.

    They are discount bundles. Therefore it varies per distributor if they decide to create their own \'discount combinations\'.



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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    Thanks Maarten,

    I found them :-) I had only been looking at the \"order\" page before for bundle pricing.

    Next, I\'ll need to check the €/$ ratio. And then there\'s shipping to the US. Then again, it took a while for the first two Project Sam libraries to find their way to US distribution. I\'m not sure that I want to wait that long for your libraries.

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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    I saw that SAM Trumpets is now ready for pre-ordering.

    I didn\'t think twice.

    Here\'s looking forward to your new baby, Maarten!


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    Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    Hi Maarten,

    Sorry to be so impatient, but any chance of getting the trumpets soon? Many thanks.


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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    To bump this up [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] : just ordered my SamTrumpets as well.

    The new tutorial demo also demonstrated some of the nice new features.

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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    Run, don\'t walk, to listen to the tutorial demo. That is how you sell a library. Great work Maarten and Co. Just think how satisfied EWQL interested parties would have been with a similar approach to section demos. Any lib for that matter.
    Question for Maarten: At about 2 minutes in, during the \"strong sustains\" full orch piece... would that be a SAM tuba I hear? Could be a bass bone, but.... ever hopeful.

    good luck...as if you guys need it


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    Re: Maarten - Trumpets coming soon?

    The demos are all outstanding. Good job - as USUAL Aaron. Simon, I really like your thematic development here (I think it is my fav that you have written). Maarten, sounds like you had your \'hand\' in the audio demo - great writing their as well. These \'types\' of demos are simply the best way to \'expose\' the subject library. You get the arrangement \'open\' enough to allow us to listen to the articulation.

    Thanks for giving me the reason to now buy the bones (duo package - Trumpets and bones). This will be an outstanding addition to the VSL legato brass.


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