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Topic: Sanjuhr Caprice

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    Sanjuhr Caprice

    I am sometimes amazed at how much trouble can derive from a simple idea or two. This 6 minute piano piece has two simple ideas from which all else flows, but it sure was not so simple to make it all come together! A bit more expression in the rendition than in most of my pieces. Probably easier to listen to and understand than much of my work.

    I like this one quite a lot, and hope that some of you will enjoy it. The mp3 uses GPO Steinway with Fatar midi controller.

    Sanjuhr Caprice


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    Re: Sanjuhr Caprice

    Hi Richard,

    This is an excellent piano composition, well constructed and performed in a very pleasing way. You've made it indeed more 'listenable' and understandable. There is however one small remark: to my ears the Steinway hasn't got enough brilliance, it sounds a bit lustreless.

    Thanks for sharing it!


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    Re: Sanjuhr Caprice


    Yes, this one is more assessable than most of your work. It was a fun listen at times with an early jazz feel, at least for me.

    For a performance piece you might have more success shortening it a little for a general listening audience. Maybe.

    The G. Steinway is probably starting to sound a little dated compared to recent piano library releases I've heard but I still like using it. It behaves well on a track.

    Enjoyed it!


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