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Topic: Tobias Re: G-Town church...

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    Re: Tobias Re: G-Town church...


    First of all, I\'m not responsible for the excellent kazzoing.. i just posted the link. steve_t is da kazoo dude!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m afraid I can\'t help you with the exs issue.. as a matter of fact it\'s probably the only sampler i haven\'t worked with, hehehe. I\'m pretty sure there are people on this forum who knows how to solve your problem.

    About Mikes bones, I\'m just hosting them for him. Heres the link:

    Good luck


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    Re: Tobias Re: G-Town church...

    tobias, do I detect anti-logic sentiment?? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    who is this mysterious steve t and how can one hire him for session work?
    Thanks for the reply, maybe someone will read and have a response.
    Believe me I\'m content with what I have now, but you know...downloading FRENZY!!
    Currently chugging away at mikes bones. Hope I can get them recognised by exs.
    Any other whiz kids with tips as to how to ensure this, lemme know

    Thanks tob
    and thanks all


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    Re: Tobias Re: G-Town church...

    Hey there fellow Canuck! Just make sure that the files that EXS doesn\'t see have the .gig suffix at the end of their name. Sometimes Tobias\' fabulous files have long names and the .gig part gets cut off. If that doesn\'t work, you can always use ResEdit (free download) to compare a .gig file that works with one that won\'t load. Drag a working .gig and a \'broken\' one onto ResEdit, do a \'get info on...\" command on both, and check to make sure that the \'bad\' one has the same Type and Creator info.

    It sounds more complicated than it is... [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Tobias Re: G-Town church...

    Oh, I forgot.. macs cant read long filenames... uhm, I believe windows had those problems back in win 3.11... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    jk, im a mac dude too, but not when I make music. I\'ve used an app called Filebudy for that \'type and creator\' thing. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Tobias Re: G-Town church...

    NED... how are you sir? See...I followed your advice and here I am, posting away. Yep, the .gig seems to have done the trick on another three files. I am now content with the amount of pilferage i have perpetrated on the poor G-Town site. (Wow, too much alliteration) Do you now have any tips on making mikes bones work. They are just plain being cantankerous and won\'t play with the other kids.

    TOB.. and by the way...the toms??......OWWW! I just sat there for about ten minutes pounding away (on the toms that is ;-) huge sound , thanks for that. Very much like with my recent sam horns discovery, I\'m going to have to go back and replace every drum on every track that has \'em. Nice work

    ps. Ned, you got a chance to listen to another pre-screen? I don\'t have the fortitude to post here yet. I took your suggestion and did a little re-mix on the zep thing, minor tweaks, but you\'re damn right about dynamics. I\'m currently forcing myself to not think \"turn it up to eleven\" all the time. Also right about the quality on this here site. The stuff I\'ve listened inspires me as well as makes me want to put an ad in the paper...dirt cheap mac forsale!\"

    Thanks fellas


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    Tobias Re: G-Town church...

    Mr tob, I posted yesterday about your most excellent kazooasizing skills but I realized it\'s an older thread so you may not have seen it..thanks again for the guffaw! I had also thrown in a question maybe you can help me with.

    I downloaded several of the files from your site. Awesome verb. I gotta start going to church again!
    The thing is, my exs in Logic converts some but not all. I\'m a bit baffled. Any clues?

    The ones that went gently into that good fight were:Anvils, cymbals, dual snare, Piano (&fx &stacc), stomps and woodpipe

    The ones waiting patiently in a folder on my desktop for your instructions: other cymbals, ensemble snare,over b flute, toms

    Any hints?
    Thanks for the cool samples

    ps: someone had mentioned something about \"mikes (?) trombone\" and that it may have been on your site but it saw nor hide nor hair

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