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Topic: duet for violin and cello

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    duet for violin and cello

    This uses Garritan Strad and Gofriller.
    Thanks, Jay.


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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Well,your duet is something a little different from you Jay.

    I enjoyed this and thought it had a sort of latin? ballad melodic structure to it.

    Good counterpoint with the Gofriller.

    I wonder if you might try starting with the duet and add keyboards, rhythm or what ever and take it into a contemporary pop genre and then maybe finish with a short return to the duet. It's just an idea.



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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Hey Phil! Thanks for the listen. I dabble in this kind of stuff now and then just for fun. Your idea about adding keyboard is a good one, but I was striving for two instruments laying down the harmonic progression all by themselves without any other supporting instrumentation. I find it an exciting challenge to try and keep melodic and harmonic interest going without wondering to far away from musical sensibilities. I am glad that you liked this.
    Thanks, Jay.

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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ...I was striving for two instruments laying down the harmonic progression all by themselves without any other supporting instrumentation...
    And at that you succeeded marvelously, Jay. It's a very interesting dance between these two instruments - and I never get tired of hearing the fantastic sound of those two gone-but-not-forgotten Garritan Libraries.

    Thanks much for this, Jay.


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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Thanks Randy! I had not used the gofriller for a while and when I was rendering this it kept "crapping out" on me. I reinstalled it and it worked fine. I can never figure out what gets corrupted and why, on software, but it just happens. Anyway all is good in the Garritan string world again. I love the control that the two instruments give you. They are just great.
    Thanks for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Hello Jay -

    I haven't been here in while and I don't know if I ever heard any of your compositions. I'm working to re-connect with this community as I work to further explore, exercise and refine my own compositional chops. As you probably know, contrapuntal works can be quite challenging. This piece gives example to a style of composition that I wish to further explore. I can't give it an exact name of style/genre, unfortunately. It's been over three decades since my own musical training. But it's a more "contemporary" style that I wish to develop as I continue to write music.

    It's a lovely piece, Jay. For me, it was quite relaxing. I especially enjoyed the middle section. I just like the direction you took for your piece. . . melodic phrasing, articulation, dynamics, etc. I noticed that you used a fair amount of portamento. It was during the middle section and through the end that I really enjoyed how you worked some of the portamento phrasing (from one note to another) with a very gentle crescendo. As you probably know, it is not easy achieving a convincing portamento sound using midi and computer-based software. The sections that I mention are not only quite convincing but very, very beautiful.

    I also own both the Garritan Gofriller and Strad. Sadly, I don't use them often. I simply haven't made the time to practice using them so that they can "sing" as they are intended to sound. It seems that you are doing well with these libraries.

    Thank you for sharing your music and talent. I'm looking forward to listening to more of your works as I spend more time here.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Ted! Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I have always been a fan of the strad and gofriller. It is fun to bring them out once in a while. I am glad that you liked my piece. I am looking forward to hearing some of your work.
    Take care. Jay

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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Hi Jay,

    You've rendered an excellent service to the Garritan strings. G. Garritan should be very pleased which such a brilliant ad for his Strad and Gof. How masterfully you deal with the possibilities of the instruments. It is an educational example for all of us (continuously looking for expensive all-round strings libraries). Here you prove that it can be done in a simple (and cheaper) way!

    Thanks for putting our feet back on the firm musical ground!


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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Max, thanks for the kind words on this. I remember buying the Strad and Gofriller for a discounted price from Garritan. I did not realize that they were planning to discontinue both of them. To bad. They are excellent sounding libraries with decent instrument control.
    Thanks for listening. Jay

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    Re: duet for violin and cello

    Why did those get discontinued? Those were some of the best solo strings libraries out there.
    Boz Millar

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