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Topic: Drumkit From Hell library review

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    Drumkit From Hell library review

    My review,

    By the looks of sales, Drumkit From Hell is the best selling library on soundsonline.com. The demos and reviews are great! So I ordered the Drumkit From Hell + addon, and what I got was a little misleading from their advertising. First off, their jazz set is NOT a complete jazz set. They didn\'t even record brushes. That\'s also probably why there are no jazz demos to hear on soundsonline.com. The drumset used was the same set for rock apparently, and I\'m not sure if the world class drummer Tomas Haake, necessarily knew jazz touch as well as rock. I have played drums and percussion for 10 years, majored in performance, and have been in numerous jazz bands and combos from reputable music schools, so I\'d say I know a little bit when I talk about this. They should\'ve hired someone like Ed Thigpen, world-known jazz drummer, and played on a separate jazz set, recording all the articulations. It may not have been in the budget, but my point is made.

    Also, they fail to mention how they got that \"perfect\" sound out of their demos. They indeed show you the room ambience and close mic sets, but do not show you the final mixing process. They include pictures showing you compression settings for Waves C1 Compression, which is in a plugin package costing around $1000. I was fortunate to try it out on this particular plugin, and it does beautiful, just like the demos...but most people do not simply have the money for something like that.

    I expected a more \"complete\" ready to go package out of the box, with all the correct mix settings, room ambience, etc...kind of like the SAM brass libraries. I understand how they want to give people \"full\" control, but it tends to rely on third party programs too much. DFH is too punchy for jazz subtleness, even when the velocities are turned down. I would love to see another addon for a complete jazz set in the future, cause I will say the rock set sounds fantastic when properly mixed. This is probably the best rock drumset out there, but I think I\'ve heard better jazz soundfonts than their jazz set.

    3.5/5 stars

    20 second demo I threw together


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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    Want complete? BFD.



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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    heh, \"Ed Thigpen FROM HELL\"... hilarious... seriously, did you expect to do In The Mood mockups??


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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    I would imagine that the closest Tomas Haake would come to jazz would be a fusion-type style, which I believe DFH would work pretty well for. However, the guy isn\'t exactly known for his delicate touch...check out Meshuggah some time. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    Oh please......it is called Drum Kit From HELL...
    Have you bothered to check out Meshuggah before you got the samples?

    And more ready out of the box????

    Can\'t be more ready...with all the room trails and close/far mics.

    I\'m sorry Jared, I just can\'t agree.
    DFH is fabulous librarie, it does exactly what it says, how is it missleading?

    If you got DFH to get an ultimate all round drum, and a jazz kit, then I must say looks like you didn\'t do you\'re homework before shoping.


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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review


    I have drumkit from hell also, and I must say that i was never under the impression that it was anything else than a hard rock kit. There are only subtle differences between the rock and jazz versions of DFH. There is probably better information on the toontrack website than soundsonline.com.

    If you are on the search for a good jazz kit, Jared, you might be interrested in drumkit from hell 2 (VSTi) that will arrive early next year, I think. It has different sets and should be better suited for jazz projects. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    best regards

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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    Anyone notice all the \"ringing\" and resonance that are in these drums? Even on the closed miced kits it is there. Especially the bass drum.

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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    resonance? There is naturally some resonance from the drums that are not played (resonance from the toms when the bass drum is sampled, for example). I think it makes the samples sound more realistic, it doesn\'t bother me at all, but thats just my opinion..

    This might be what you meant..

    I think DFD2 seems very promising, 25GB of samples and five different kits! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    Yes there is plenty of resonance...and huge amount of release tails...thats why it\'s good..

    It sounds like a real drum kit...
    If you don\'t need the long resonant sound, put a noise gate on it, like you would with a real drum..


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    Re: Drumkit From Hell library review

    the worsest thing there could be is lib where the drumset is clean and clear and all samples are just the samples they are. i like when the tom is hit and you hear the stand or some *ringling and klingeling* [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    a drumset should be like a heavy distortet guitar, a lot of dirt in it.

    also when i now that the drumsset is played by the messuggah drummer, you really should check out this genious band, these guys are my absolutely favorite when it comes to metal and fusion. i have every cd and they are getting better and better.

    so if i buy a cd of the mesh-drummer, it will sound like it.

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