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Topic: Testing the EXS24's Polyphony

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    Testing the EXS24\'s Polyphony

    Stupid8Track has posted on Sonikmatter\'s Logic forum a very detailed streaming test he conducted to explore the limits of the EXS24\'s polyphony. He\'s planning to buy the Vienna Symphonic Library and wanted to see which setup would give him the most voices:


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    Re: Testing the EXS24\'s Polyphony

    I don\'t understand why his performance would go down when he\'s using two processors. Maybe it\'s bus traffic?

    Anyway, as I think I posted before, I was able to play 128 stereo voices - 120 before it started clicking a little - off a large partition on my startup ATA 100 drive (Quicksilver dual gig). They may or may not have been streaming.

    Point being, this is all variable from system to system.

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    Re: Testing the EXS24\'s Polyphony

    Symetric multiprocessing actually imposes performance penalties, as the operating system needs to implement synchronisation layers which are not necessary for single-proc systems. So if you have an application which is not multi-threaded or uses it in an inefficient way, you end up with less performance than using a single-proc system.
    This is widely known people who develop such stuff as kernel-mode device-drivers. I guess future software will improve vastly in this direction as with the advent of hyper-threading CPUs, SMP will be available more frequently in the future...


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