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Topic: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

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    Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    I\'m going to sound like an advertisement here, but this library is fabulous. It sounds real...

    I\'ve also been layering them on top of my orchestral string library sections. They come alive. Even GOS, which I love, doesn\'t quite \"get there\" as far as a realitic string section goes..IMO.

    But when you layer in these solo strings...amazing.

    A little more detail in the documentation would be nice. I hear it\'s coming soon?

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    Hello Julie and welcome to Northernsounds! So you finally got the library, huh? I\'m still waiting for the right gig to justify it - hopefully in the new year! Enjoy... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    I just had a gig where I could justify getting them, so I did...

    They are great! My only problem was the bow changes in the sustained sounds. Of course a real string player must change bow direction during sustained notes, but they put the changes in musically sensible spots like barlines. I was doing a piece in a moderately slow 4/4 (72 bpm), and wanted my virtual violinist to change notes every third beat, but the sample didn\'t go that far on one bow... there was always a change right before the new note, like a quick hook-bowing. I would have preferred a looped sample... perhaps not as mechanically realistic, but in the long run muscially less jarring and more flexible.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    I just got My Solo Strings yesterday, and have to agree that they are fantastic and reasonably priced IMHO. I ordered them from Richardson University and they arrived much sooner than I expected- great service.

    I look forward to really digging into them. JWink, I understand your situation and have a suggestion. If the bow changes are not too far from where you want them, you might want to try doing some time streching to line things up. If you use high quality software for this, small shifts shouldn\'t noticably alter the sound.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    Just last night I was programming some custom gigs from KHSS. As you\'ve probably noticed, they take a long time to load on XP machines. By separating the large gigs into smaller ones, things load much quicker.

    Of course, this means no keyswitching between those voices in separate gigs. This is okay for me as when I work in Sibelius I use program (patch) changes, rather than keyswitches. After the part is written, then I can go back to the keyswitch gigs and play them in live, if needed.

    And, of course, in the middle of programming I just had to play the strings for a while. It was hard to get back to the programming! These samples are amazingly good.

    In the middle of all this I found an error in the violin tremolo patch. I think it\'s the Bb5. It has one sample that\'s off by an octave. Should be easy to fix, but I haven\'t taken the time to track it down just yet.

    The gig programming that I\'ve done hasn\'t touched the sound of the gigs. I don\'t think I can improve them soundwise. I\'m just reorganizing - mainly to get all of the strings to have common patch numbers. I\'ve done this by giving each instrument (vln, vla, etc) its own bank number. Then I set each instruments\' HrdSus on patch 0, EspSus on patch 1 and so on.

    Now in Sibelius I can store text such as \"pizz ~P20\". This text will show \"pizz\" on the score, and will hide the P20, which sets the patch to 20. It makes it easy to manipulate and document the articulation changes right in the score. I\'m doing this for all of the instruments in my templates.

    Julie, when you get the chance, please post some examples of your work. I\'m curious to hear the layering, as I am about to purchase GOS-lite, and I\'m hoping that by layering KHSS I can get more of a GOS-middleweight sound with that technique.

    And JWink, regarding the bow turnarounds, I\'ve had the same experience. More reverb helps. When the turn around occurs just after the barline, playing separate notes rather than one sustained one has worked for me (again with reverb). When the turnarounds happen just before the barline, try a faster tempo ;-) Of course programming loop points into the gig is possible as well, but would be a lot of work.

    Maybe 3.0 will offer a time-stretching feature. That would be ideal for getting the sustain to last until the next barline.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    Love the KHSS as well. The loading time is a pain but breaking patches up helps.
    Are we out of beta yet?

    About the bow problem, what I do to minimize the bow attack happening at the wrong place is to export the final version of the track to a wave file, locate the bow stroke, split the file at that location and apply a negative volume gain on it until it doesn\'t jump at you anymore.

    Wouldn\'t it be nice to be able to decide where the bow should be?
    Sometimes in the near future maybe...

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    Originally posted by Ned Bouhalassa:
    Hello Julie and welcome to Northernsounds! So you finally got the library, huh? I\'m still waiting for the right gig to justify it - hopefully in the new year! Enjoy... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks Ned...
    Yes, I took the plunge....dive in. Any gig is the right gig. It will revolutionize your sound.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    Hi Julie, and thanks for the comments. They\'re greatly appreciated!

    I\'ve uploaded a FREE .gig file for anyone wishing to hear what the release triggers are all about. With these, you can play really fast repeated passages without that \"robotic\" sound so often associated with sample libraries. Note that some of these instruments are 16 velocity layers deep, so they won\'t convert load into Kontakt...(Kontakt only loads as many as 8 velocity layers, or so it seems) However, there are also instruments that only have 8 velocity layers as well.

    I wish I could upload larger files so you could hear the repeats with longer notes, but I do not have the bandwidth on my site yet. Also note that these free instruments are only a very limited key range (C5 - C6) to avoid having HUGE download times. They\'re just to give you a \"teaser\" of an idea as to the sound and approach of the short, fast samples in a repeated note arena.


    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    I could be wrong. The version that I used in testing how many velocity layers would load is very old. It could be that the newer versions load everything just fine.

    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings Wow!

    Hi Julie,
    I hope you post what you are doing with those Solo samples. I\'m sure we would all love to hear them. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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