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Topic: Any comment is welcome!

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    Cool Any comment is welcome!

    Hi there!
    Francesco is here
    I would like to claim to your attention to my last production. Yes...I did the mistake...I've started to produce (gulp!)
    it's an all feminine band (I said I did a mistake hu?) named GREEN CLOUDS.
    Here's the web page www.greenclouds.net (it's in english)
    and here's the video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUq2HSRHc7Y
    As I have a great consideration of this forum and of the people who are in here, I really...really...REALLY appreciate any comment on the project and if there is anything I could make better.
    The band plays a cross-over genre between electronic and celtic-irish music, we named it KELTRONIC.
    The more let me know, if you like, what you think about the clip!
    Many many thanks
    PS.: the piano in the recording is from JABB
    nothing is forever

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    Re: Any comment is welcome!

    Excellent Fransceso!

    the mix is good and the JABB piano sounds better than I remember

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    Re: Any comment is welcome!

    Just finished watching the video and checking out the web site. The actual audio and video quality is professional, of course. The look and the sound is top-notch. Purely from the production quality point of view, the video should work to promote this group. I like the music. Celtic music and other forms of acoustical music like Bluegrass is very popular around the area where I live. Hopefully this video and the web-site that you share will help get this group lots and lots of gigs! I say this sincerely!

    From a purely "what you hear is what you get" point of view, I'm left a little confused. This is quote from the group's web-site:

    The main point of this project is the use of instruments coming from the classical European culture, recreating the sound and the atmospheres of the Celtic territories

    In listening to the video, there seems to be more than just acoustical sound coming from the instruments. There seems to be some synth pads as well. I would guess that the synth pad sounds were added as "sweeteners"?? Also, there were a couple of close-up shots of the violinist when I heard low piano sounds. That's an video-editing choice, of course. It just left me a bit confused which is not hard to do now-a-days. LOL!

    I wish you and your group much success!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Any comment is welcome!

    since Ted brought this up
    I will agree with some of the video editing, much of the time it is obvious that the video was made after the audio recording which is almost always the case with music videos,... expected, but with precise editing it can be made to look completely real instead of "kinda OK". Here is some of what I would fix instead of being "close enough".

    Sync issues between video and audio are always evident to me, even down to a frame or two.

    The one clip that is really early is the piano closeup at :47 there is no way for me to know if it is late or early because the phrase is repeated, but the G in the right hand hits really early.
    Another really early clip is the drum fill @ 1:07.
    I won't beat it up any more.
    Really nice sync is the close up of the violin bow striking twice @ 1:14 which proves it is not a youtube sync issue because if it was all of it would be out. Anyway, there just needs to be some better syncing with the video editor throughout.

    Nice music though!!!
    and the video clips are great too,

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    Re: Any comment is welcome!

    Fantastic, Francesco - My wife and I loved hearing and watching this. She had me send the links to her computer so she can share on Facebook and spread the spectacular news about Green Clouds! Congratulations on a wonderful project.


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