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Topic: Good brush Kits

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    Good brush Kits

    Could someone suggest some really good brush kits for creating a lounge feel? I\'d enjoy the suggestions [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Good brush Kits

    Sonic Implants Drums Series 1. It\'s just stunning - and I don\'t mean to brand it as being \"loungy!\"

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    Re: Good brush Kits

    I don\'t have the SI brushes, but I have some of their other kits and they are very good. I have the wizoosounds brush kit and it\'s very good for the money ($9.29). It\'s 24 bit, has four velocity layers, and has some nice snare drags. The SI kits are pretty reasonable, as well ($23.95). I think I\'ll have to get these, myself. My experience has been that the SI drums have better ambience and a rich sound. The wizoo drums have more velocity layers, but ound a little sterile without processing. HTH

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    Re: Good brush Kits

    Who\'s a Sonic implants dealer?

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    Re: Good brush Kits

    You can just go to their site, buy and download them.
    The demo sounds great.
    I have the wizoo kit and it good at a slightly lower price. This SI one looks well worth having.

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    Re: Good brush Kits

    I looked on the Sonic Implants site but I didn\'t find any kits for $23. Could you advise me as to where these kits are [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks


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    Re: Good brush Kits

    This page
    3/4 of the ways down called Session Brush Drums -Download $23.95

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    Re: Good brush Kits

    Anyone got a good resource for some brush loops?


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    Re: Good brush Kits

    The Steve Gadd Lib. is the classiest. 50 ways to do crossovers..Rich

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    Re: Good brush Kits

    Yea, I have the sonic implants brush kit. It\'s really quite nice - recorded well, usable. But of course, it\'s not as extensive as I\'d like, but than again, it\'s only 23 bucks or so.

    I highly recommend it, I\'ve used it on many projects, and for that \'lounge\' feel it\'s perfect.

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