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Topic: Garritan error message in Finale 2011b

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    Garritan error message in Finale 2011b

    I've just had to re-install Finale 2011b on a re-installed Win 7 OS. My PC has two hard drives - C: for the OS and software and D: for data. I put Finale on the C: drive and the data for Garritan on the D: drive. Now, when I open a file (score or part) in Finale, a message box comes up saying"Missing requested fx plugin: Garritan Ambience for final mix slot # 1.

    Can anyone tell me what I should do so that this message doesn't keep appearing?

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    Re: Garritan error message in Finale 2011b

    I'm sorry your question hasn't been addressed, Don J - I invite you to post any and all questions in General Discussion which you'll find in the Forum jump menu. That's about the only place where members go anymore, so there are Finale users who can help you with issues.

    But it looks like either Finale or ARIA, maybe both, are expecting to find Ambience in the default location, which is the C drive. Have you tried having duplicate data on both of your drives?


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