Hi to all!

I tried to get help on a Mac board, but it seems no one can help me there. I thought coming here was a good idea.

My goal is to get it pretty simple (and I don't understand how come I must search like this for such a simple thing) : record with the iPhone, and get the audio files (the real file itself) in my iMac. That's it. There's no question about the quality or editing, just want to record ideas of songs when I get them, and get the audio file after. Sounds pretty simple, but it's not unfortunately.

The first thing I was deceived : I MUST sync with iTunes, can't just plug the iPhone in my iMac and get the audio files (can't browse the iPhone).

I tried with Dictaphone, but damn it, even after I did a sync, the new memos are not in iTunes. Worst : a friend told me where to search in the system folders to get the audio files, but I can't find them.

I tried with QuickVoice this morning, but the same. After I did a sync with iTunes, no sing of the memo (that I had renamed before to sync to be sure to see it easily).

That's much more too complicated for me, and I use to Mac (I'm an ex Windows user) to be very simple and efficient.

Any suggestion?

Thanks for your help!