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Topic: My Go At a Marching Opener

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    My Go At a Marching Opener

    I'm currently trying to write a show for marching band. I'm trying to spread my musical "wings". So any critique will be helpful! Also I do not have a name for it yet but I am currently in works on the percussion feature. Used Garritan Concert and Marching Band 2 alongside Finale 2011.



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    Re: My Go At a Marching Opener

    Nice work, Joseph,

    Keep up the efforts!


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    Re: My Go At a Marching Opener

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Langer View Post
    I'm currently trying to write a show for marching band. I'm trying to spread my musical "wings"...
    What an interesting challenge you've made for yourself, Joseph. I certainly admire that you're "spreading your musical wings"- something we should all be doing, but we can get in our comfortable boxes of routine sometimes, not experimenting enough with new ideas.

    And this brief, playful piece indeed sounds like it came from a fun, fruitful time of experimentation. For your proposed full show for a band, this could be a nice opening - I had the impression of the instruments waking up, shaking off sleep, individually enjoying a good stretch, and getting ready to work together as an ensemble.

    Something that didn't feel satisfying to me is that for a piece with this much free form playfulness, the brass kept staying on the dominant chord, even making it sound like the piece was resolving and ending before it actually did. It seems the tonal center for the piece could be more elusive, in keeping with the mood otherwise achieved.

    Thanks for posting - this is a very interesting start to your project!


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    Re: My Go At a Marching Opener

    Marching band! I love this world and have written and arranged many of a show. The common form for a show is opener, production number, percussion feature, and closer totaling around 7 minutes. Save your percussion for their feature and let them shine again in the closer. The opener should be mostly fast and rhythmic but features your brass and winds. Grab the attention of the audience with the opener. You can start off with a bang or slow, dark, and mysterious, but then set the horses loose! The production features soloist such as trumpet, trombone, or euphonium, and shows the band’s heart and softer side. Then there comes the percussion feature which shows the fun side of the band and lets them let their hair down. It’s also a chance for complex drill writing and shows how rhythmic and precise the winds and brass can be also. Then a closer can be fast, full out in your face majestica , or a ballad which starts off beautifully and ends powerfully, or possibly even quoting the opener in the end. Have fun with this medium, and it’s a great chance to have your music played live also. Also, it’s not a bad way to make a living. If done correctly you can work one week and make around $2000. Just saying.

    I love the sound that you got out of COMB2 and Finale. It makes me want that library now. Can you share what sounds you used, reverb, and a little of your process?

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    Re: My Go At a Marching Opener

    Thanks everyone!


    Thanks for the input. I always have problems with writing brass, its my Achilles Heel to say the least. I will take your ideas into consideration because its always better to continue to improve on a piece.

    Also Rodney,

    I am a freshman in college and composing along as becoming a director is my goal for college, I would love to sell Shows to help pay for my education.
    I used a set up Flute, Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Baritone, Mellophones, Tuba, then a percussion ensemble with a mix of VDL (Included with COMB2) Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Chimes, Snare, Tenors, and Bassline. I used the Marching Band Human Playback, and lowered the reverb on everything that has melody and kept the drumline the same. (Because they are going to echo a little in real life) After that I separated the files Winds & Brass then Percussion then mixed them in Fl Studios to get a better sound. COMB2 I think is a great investment if you wish to get a more proper sound for a concert and marching band.

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    Re: My Go At a Marching Opener

    The more experienced members can give you better input than I but let me just say I really enjoyed this piece. As a college freshmen you have the whole world in front of you. What a great start on the music world.

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