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Topic: GS editor *CRASH* isn't very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

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    GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    ..or is it just me?

    I got my new Roland strings (thanks for the tip MrArkadine!), and searched this incredible forum for tips. Thomas J\'s suggestion to make crossfade patches seemed a good place to start. I\'ve never done those before, and decided to learn how.

    HOW. ON. EARTH do developers use that editor without it crashing so much? I\'m trying to drag a sample into the dimension editor thingy. If I so much as think about it, look at it wrong, on any region, with any *CRASH!!* sample, it *CRASH!!* commits some mortal sin against Windows and must *CRASH!!* be shut down.

    One might *CRASH!!!* say this interrupts one\'s *CRASH!!* workflow, wouldn\'t one?

    Does this merit a reinstall, or is this kind of thing par for the course?


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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    That seems to be normal for many of us. Seems like you need a lot of luck to get a computer that Giga runs on without crashing... I gave up.


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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    It could merit a reinstall. That is not par for the course for everyone. I don\'t even know now what the difference is but my machines almost never crash and I have worked on other peoples systems and had several crashes. It could be some sort of conflict with the hardware. Graphics perhaps. WinXP might be a bit more stable. Feel free to share your system specs with my by private email. I can\'t promise to be much help but I\'m curious as to what might be causing this. You can post it all here if you like but I\'m more likely to remember it if I get a message.
    Good luck
    \"Dont Send, Dont Send...Dont Send...\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Those are XP crashes.

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    I have pretty experience with the latest GS on XP Pro with M-Audio and STAudio hardware. As for GS crashes -- it\'s stable for me IF I don\'t try to drag/drop samples into a loaded GIG. I found that I can drop samples into a GIG that is not yet loaded into the audio engine; once the GIG is loaded it\'ll crash every time if I drop a sample.

    All other features seem fairly stable for me insofar as I can generally run the editor for 4 of 5 hours at a time. I have experienced occasional audio glitches after man refreshes/reloads of the same GIG, which required a reboot to reset the audio engine. Oh well.

    - Keith

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    Originally posted by kbaccki:
    As for GS crashes
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I meant, \"GS edit crashes\".

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    Yes, Gigaedit is crashing like crazy!
    Last night almost everytime It crashed when I was saving .gig,
    but fortunately gigs were saved fine. It seems that gigaedit is more
    stable standalone without Giga engine!

    Have somebody else have problem with hanging notes?
    Yes, lately I got problems especially when using sustain pedal!

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    Good point there. Just for grins, try using the Editor in stand alone mode if your doing some intense editing and see if that helps for the time being.

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    The best advice I have is to save the .art files early and often. That way if you have a crash, you can quickly open the last good gig and apply the .art file in seconds.

    I was also having problems when exiting the editor. My procedure now is to close the last gig I worked on, open a new, empty gig, and then close the editor. It may be as effective as hopping on one leg while chanting nursery rhymes, but I haven\'t had a crash on exit since.

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    You are right. Everything is fine with dragging and dropping as long as the instrument isn\'t loaded.

    It also seems that the program doesn\'t entirely clean up memory when it\'s done. If you load and unload alot of files it\'ll eventually crash.

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    Re: GS editor *CRASH* isn\'t very *CRASH* stable *CRASH*...

    I think lots of memory matters with the editor.

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