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Topic: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

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    FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    Just wondering how stable FX is right now with Cubase and EW/QLSO running in a network.

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    Not sure if my use of FXT is what is giving me occasional random freezes/\"poofs\". Maybe it\'s just an SX issue and not related to FXT. Apart from that FXT seems to run nicely.

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    I would like to hear from more users of FXT. It seems so much like a must have.

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    Just have a go with the free demo. It totally rawks. I couldn\'t live without it.

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    This is the link to FX Teleport

    I realize that no ASIO card id needed in the second computer, only in the \"host\" where the principal program like for example Cubase SX is installed. Since LAN card are very cheap it means that you can have access to any VST FXs/Instruments installed in the \"server\" machine. If it run well that´s a very good solution especially for VST instrument (memory data, samples, etc...).

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    But how stable is it today with Cubase SX 2.01? Would you install it on a 4-5 computer studio dedicated to EW/QLSO?

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    I think you\'re talking gigabit networking to make that configuration a reality. That\'s quite a few potential streams.

    I don\'t have a hard number of simultaneous streams possible over 100 mbit, but on a project I have going right now, 10 stereo streams was beginning to exert noticeable drag on the system. This is not an apple/apple comparison, since in this instance I was streaming Giga tracks rendered on one machine to a Vegas project running on another. But it\'s probably a reality check. With the added realtime MIDI stream, I\'m not sure how many sampler instances as opposed to effects instances you\'d be getting.

    So far, it doesn\'t look like anyone is actually doing what you\'re proposing on that scale.

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    Peter & all,

    We\'re running SX2 on two different rigs here plus my rig at home with anywhere from 3-7 computers teleported at a time. TONS of Kontakts (20+ instances), soft synths, plugs, you name it. It works really well. Average project has 30+ VSTi. 40+ streams. Your main machine should be the fastest one, as the host machine does use a bit of cpu for each stream. The others can be whatever. Gigabit ethernet is the only option for pro level results. We\'ve tried firewire & it was the biggest headache ever. Never even think about problems now since the installation of the gigabit network.

    The only drawback right now is that all of your samples load with the sequence so a sequence on a big template can take 15 minutes to open. That ends up being OK as I\'ll open my big template in the morning and as I move to a new cue, just save as & then delete and start writing the new cue without having to reload everything. A fix for this is on the way according to Max.

    It IS being used on a huge scale and its just great. There\'s no reason NOT to be using FXT!

    -matt mariano

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01

    Mattzen - hmmm what latency are you running at? I can\'t get a clickfree FXT connection below 1024 samples (20ms) which is a tad high. Soundcard is at 7ms.

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    Re: FX Teleport and Cubase SX 2.01


    soundcard buffers on host are set to 256 samples. FXT instruments are hanging out at about 769 at the moment. I load up in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day. Its great.

    -matt mariano

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