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Topic: First time user of GPO

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    First time user of GPO

    (I posted this in another part of the forum by accident, but I figured it should be here)
    This is the first piece I've written using GPO. I usually don't write orchestral pieces, but I've been trying to improve my skills in all areas of music for the last few years and I realized I'd been neglecting my classical composition skills(if you can call what I'm doing "skill"). I orginally thought this would be good for a video game, but now I'm not sure it would fit. Anyway please listen and post any criticism or suggestions you have. Thanks.


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    Re: First time user of GPO

    Hi, Chandler - I'm glad you found your way to The Listening Room. This is the right place for sure. And if you look around and open some threads, you'll see that a huge variety of music is posted here - have fun!

    Yes, that piece is "...somewhere between classical and soundtrack music..." as you say on your SoundCloud post.

    The production values are good in this - Sounds pretty nice! And the composition is effective, rolling along dramatically. I found the transition around the 1:00 point to be a bit awkward. Smoother voice leading is needed there, I do believe.

    Having this be the soundtrack for a video game seems logical to me - You said that now you're not sure it would fit--. How could that be determined without a specific game being talked about? This might well work for a particular game - Thinking broadly and generically about "game music," as if it's all the same, won't get you very inspired. In other words - Show more confidence!--That will influence your music output.

    SoundCloud - grrrr, the way another track automatically starts after you've played the track you went there to play. Wish they didn't do that.

    Thanks for posting the music, Chandler!


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    Re: First time user of GPO

    Chandler: This is pretty good for a first crack at GPO. I agree with Randy about the transition at 1:00. It surprised me that things kinds just dropped off. I think, though, that the solo flute picking it up there was nice (at least, I think it was a solo flute). I also like how the music rolled along.

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    Re: First time user of GPO

    Thanks for listening. I'll have to think of a way to make the transition at 1:00 a little smoother.

    Randy-Maybe you are right and I shouldn't be so critical. I guess this could be used for some video game and next time I'll try writing for a particular game.

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    Re: First time user of GPO

    Chandler -

    This is a lovely composition. I'm sincerely impressed that this piece is your first one using GPO. Nice job with the rendering! I'm embarrassed to say that the production quality of my first GPO rendering, and many since then, wasn't as good. I think that it takes a while to get GPO and other orchestral sound libraries sounding decent. This is decent.

    Also. . . I believe that a piece like this would lend itself to be used as music for video-games, depending on the game itself. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that other video-game composers have used GPO in the past too.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: First time user of GPO

    Hi Chandler

    I'm impressed with the way you handle GPO for the first time and I especially like the section with the high violins and the harp. After that, everything drops and a solo flute remains. Why didn't you keep that harp arpeggio for a while together with the entering flute? The transition wouldn't be so sudden.

    Nice work, keep up the efforts and believe in the 'skills' you certainly have!


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    Re: First time user of GPO

    This is quite good for a first go at GPO. You certainly have the arrangement skills and ideas to create good music.

    This is definitely sound track type music which is probably what you should zone in on.

    You might take the quiet part in the middle after the string decend and put it at the end followed by the current ending or something. You could also ascend with the strings in that middle part and use a more dynamic bridge there and then continue on.

    Just some ideas.


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