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Topic: studio 3B

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    studio 3B

    I did some experimenting with background horns on this. I was very much surprised to hear how well GPO's French horns blended with a basic jazz quartet. I used 5 different instances of the f horn and applied jazz harmonies on them. Whether this song is good or not so good will certainly be subjective, but I think that the way the instruments blended is a very warm sound, at least to me.
    I also used JABB flute and E. Piano.l
    Please give a listen. Jay


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    Re: studio 3B

    It is very warm and I really like the sound. Mixing is excellent. Is this an original by you? It is a warm and inviting piece. It certainl makes the cold and blustery day we are currently having a lot more pleasant.

    I don't really hear the horns. I would gather you are using them to color and add warmth to the background music. Ah, there they are. I guess my ears are finally thawing I can now hear the sound of the horns.

    Nice rendition Jay!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: studio 3B

    Hey Rich! I used to live in michigan, so I know how nasty the weather can get in that area. This is an original piece of mine. I started off using JABB horns but it did not quite work for me in this. I tried the f horns from GPO and it seemed to set the right mood for my ears. I am glad that you liked this and thanks for commenting. Jay

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    Re: studio 3B

    Great piece. The horns work really well and I love the ensemble. Is there a muted guitar I am hearing. If so is it a sample or is someone playing.

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    Re: studio 3B

    Nice piece, Jay! About a third of the way into this, I found myself swaying back and forth in my chair. Nice mood! And nice chords. At first, the bass sounded a bit heavy to me--maybe not. Heavy or not, I really like the way you got the bass to be clear and NOT boomy. That was refreshing.

    5 horns? That's unique. How about a rescore with 2 trombones, 2 horns, and fluegelhorn?

    I like this a lot.

    Arthur J. Michaels

    Finale 2000 through Finales 25.4 (currently using Finale 25.4)
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    Re: studio 3B

    Richard! I am glad that you liked this. You are right about the muted guitar. I just used the general midi muted guitar for this. I thought that it added a little more definition to the percussion.

    Art! Thanks for the listen. I used TRILIAN fretless bass on this. It usually works pretty well for me. I originally scored this using flugal horn, alto, tenor, trombone and tuba. That configuration worked out okay but I wanted to see if I could get a warmer sound, hence the french horns.

    Thank you both for the listen and comments. Jay

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    Re: studio 3B

    Hi Jay,

    Lovely piece, nice and rich jazz harmony, swinging as usual... A very enjoyable listening piece!

    As to the french horns, they sound nice, soft but to my taste a little too "woolly", like cotton wool in the background. I would love them a little more present and distinct. But that's only my opinion. De gustibus et coloribus non disputatur... (No arguing about tastes and colours.)

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the piece!


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    Re: studio 3B

    Hey Max! Thanks for listening. When I first brought in the french horns, I used E.Q. on them to make them a little brighter. That just did not quite work right for me. I spent some time on the horn voicings and was tempted to bring them more up front so the harmonies could be better heard but I resisted and decided to go with the understated sound that is in this version. You know what they say on the island of Corli Corli: "skooby doo ala fonty monty", which translates, "not everyone likes a chicago chili dog!
    Thanks for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: studio 3B

    Hello Jay -

    I believe that this might be one of the first pieces that I heard by you. LOVE the music! It brought back a lot of nice memories of living in Boston during my music-college days (30+ years ago), jamming with friends with my Rhodes electric piano. I really enjoyed the style of the jazz found in this piece. Also, the rendering was top notch to my very modest ears.

    Curious. . . Any story behind the title, "Studio 3B"??

    Looking forward to hearing more of your works as you share them.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: studio 3B

    Ted! Thanks for listening and I am pleased that you liked this. I have always had a fondness for the Rhodes piano and I use the sound often. There is no particular meaning to the name "Studio 3b". For whatever reason, it just seemed appropriate.
    Thanks. Jay

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