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Topic: Another DIVA Demo by...

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    Another DIVA Demo by...

    The nice thing about demos is that I do not have to be so structured and I can try out new things while still featuring whatever needs featuring, like DIVA. This was a fun demo to put together and I learned a few new things about what to do and not what to do. It is always a kick to take odd things and ideas and put them together and make them work no matter how cantankerous. Diva is very human, so I played this very loose and human. I actually started this song before I got Diva, and I put placeholders with VOTA where Diva would go. When I got Diva, it slipped right in and sounded great.
    Diva is throughout \"Judgment\" about 85% of the time in various guises. I tried to do from ethereal to \"solo artist\". I also messed with DIVA to do some interesting things. For example, at 00:47 a solo sort of floats around the stereo field, which I chose over a version where I nailed her down to one spot on the right, which sounded more mono. The floaty Diva sounded more interesting than the normal sounding nailed one. In two short places I blended a little bit of VOTA, but Diva carried it. At the end of the song it is all Diva doing some \"Oooh Aaaah\" stuff, which I usually do a lot with VOTA. The effect is quite nice. About 20% of the Diva I used is phrases, but I dodged in other Diva material from the selections of \"Ooh\", \"Aah\", Eee\", and so on. This made some of the phrases sing different things. In another place I added to an altered phrase with my own melody: see if you can figure out where.
    I have to give a special thanks to our own Thomas \"Jazzy\" B. Two years ago I did a \"Psycho\" strings and brass thing which, with my then current samples, sucked. Then Thomas showed me something similar to my old piece with \"Psycho\" strings that was a thousand times better that my old piece. He kindly told me how to get the \"Psycho\" strings sound, so I resurrected my old similar piece and used his technique and stuck it in \"Judgment\". Now maybe what Thomas did is only 100 times better than my example in \"Judgment\". Thanks Thomas.


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    Re: Another DIVA Demo by...

    this track is awesome, very nice piece of orchestral stuff....

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    Re: Another DIVA Demo by...


    Very nice use of the DIVA set and the piece is excellent, too. There is one short segment, beginning at 1:40 (right after the light stomps)
    that sounds like horrendous digital clipping for a few seconds. Is that what\'s intended? I checked my monitors at higher playing levels on other material and didn\'t get the effect so I don\'t think its on this end.

    Overall, fine work.

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    Re: Another DIVA Demo by...

    This is the last of the \"official\" demo postings.
    Nice to go out with a bang!!

    Many Thanks to all the composers. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Another DIVA Demo by...

    Very Nice!!

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    Re: Another DIVA Demo by...

    Yay I like it!, I\'m hoping my copy gets here today before I lose my good idea hehehehe.

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    Re: Another DIVA Demo by...

    Very nice piece Doyle. I like the epic feel that it has.

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