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Topic: Diva goes Kontakt

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    Diva goes Kontakt

    Diva has been converted to Native Kontakt format and after final beta proofing will be shipping shortly.

    The Kontakt version of Diva is a snapshot of the Gigastudio Diva V1.2 release, which includes all keyswitching, layered and crossfade patches as described in earlier posts.

    The conversion was made program-by-program and edits were made as required/made possible by the Kontakt format, keeping the Kontakt release faithful to the most recent Gigastudio release.

    More detailed information can be found here:


    Pre-orders are now being registered at the Bela D Media Site:


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    Re: Diva goes Kontakt

    Hi Chadwick,

    Will the Kontact version be 24-bits?

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    Re: Diva goes Kontakt

    i have a giga version but i want to get the kontakt version as kontakt is the sampler of my choice...how do i go about that!!!

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    Re: Diva goes Kontakt

    Thank you

    Note: Email admin@beladmedia.com next time.
    It is the best way to get a reply within an hour.

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