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Topic: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

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    Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Maple Midi Tools is a host application for midi plugins, such as MaestroTools, GrandiosoFX, and a bunch of new ones both released with Maple and yet to come. You can use any number of different midi plugins you like, and chain them together too.

    Today Maple is released as freeware, with some included Plug-Ins (layering and a midi control surface) to anyone who would like to download it at www.marblesound.com. I\'ve mostly put together this simple page so you would have a way to download. note: Grandioso users should uninstall their older Maple version before installing this release. Maestro users on 95/98/Me must get the Maestro Maple version (from Gary Garritan) to use Maestro after installing.

    One cool thing is that you can optionally include the two new Plug-Ins as part of the Maple install if you like. The first plugin is for Layering, and lets you create up to 64 layers (four ports, each with 16 channels, that could all play at the same time) if you\'re insane enough to want that many. Maybe two or three would be more practical - for example, you could layer channel 9 and 10 on the first port. The second plugin is a Midi Control Surface, which provides control for every CC defined in the midi spec. The surface responds right away to any changes (midi CC changes) from your keyboard or sequencer, and you can use the UI controls to send any CC message. You can also save your CC surface settings.

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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Don\'t know what I\'ll use it for yet, but I\'m always up for free tools! ah, I just saw the other thread - CC heaven, here I come! Thanks, Jeff.


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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Hi Jeff,

    Your Maestro and Maple efforts are certainly appreciated!


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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    No Mac version, right Jeff?

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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Hi Jeff,
    I just installed the Maple, thanks for sharing your creative programming with us. It works and looks very Cool, I like it, except one thing on graphical display...
    On the \"MIDI Control Surface\', some fader\'s labels like CC##18,71&73, seem be displayed only 2 digit numbers instead of 3(LSB is trunc.), between parameter 100-127, for example.


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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware


    Still waiting for a reliable way to UNINSTALL Maestro Tools. This guy is still recommending MIDIOX, read all the threads about this before you install it.

    Nice day.

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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware


    This tool seems to be incredible!

    If I make my libraries take advantage of it, can I include it on the sample library disks?

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Hi Bouhalassa, no unfortunately this won\'t run on Mac and I don\'t yet have plans for a mac version. It would probably be quite a bit of work to port it since almost everything is Microsoft/Windows specific in Maple. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Long, yeah I fudged a bit for four or five of the CC controls when it comes to LSB. When reading the midi spec, it said these couple controls do not typically use LSB, so I thought it should be safe to skip the LSB portion for the sake of simplicity. If you do indeed need them, just let me know - I may be able to add them back in.

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    Re: Maple and new Plugins released as freeware

    Hi Jeanott,
    My apologies for the bug in the Maestro uninstaller. It\'s a small percentage of people that get affected, which doesn\'t make it alright or help, but it is the reason I didn\'t catch the bug in testing and the Maestro beta.
    I\'m happy to work with you to uninstall it. There may be a few manual steps I\'d have to guide you through. You can send an email to jeff@SPAMDELETEmarblesound.com if you like. Sorry if you\'ve posted something on the board before about it, I certainly remember you by name, but I don\'t always visit the board enough to see all problems.

    As for MIDIOX, I think you might be confusing it with MidiYoke for NT(and 2000/XP). MidiYoke NT is beta software and I\'m not sure if there\'s plans for it to be redone still. It does indeed cause problems with Gigastudio, and it\'s not a good idea to install it for use with GS. But regardless of MidiyokeNT, I would definitely recommend MidiOx which is seperate software, and Midiyoke for 95/98/Me. MidiOX has been included with Cakewalk, if you need any additional confidence. I\'m not involved with either of these, other than the fact that I use them. Hope this helps

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