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Topic: AUTOHARP - SFZ instrument for Sforzando, ARIA and Dim Pro

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    AUTOHARP - SFZ instrument for Sforzando, ARIA and Dim Pro

    MEG Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt circa early 1970's

    Above is the Autoharp I've had since the early 1970's. It's in excellent condition. I've sampled it thoroughly, and programmed an Autoharp virtual instrument in the SFZ format


    --528 24 bit samples.

    --All 127 MIDI notes - 10 1/2 octaves of sound.

    --SEVEN ARTICULATION LAYERS for each chord.

    --Release samples on all chords.

    --Pick noise controlled by Mod Wheel.

    --Automatic damping noise controlled by Sustain Pedal.

    --Three octaves of single notes plus alternates.

    --Six octaves of chords.

    --Open string strums for atmospheric pads.

    --Other effects - key noises, plucks, etc.

    Here's an MP3 montage with five segments, demonstrating the Autoharp as a rhythm instrument, as a melodic instrument, and in ensemble with other instruments:


    Click below for more demos, more information and the download links to MIDI files, MP3s, a manual featuring a detailed keyboard map of the samples, and ordering information:

    AUTOHARP website

    Please notice the Pay Pal button at the Autoharp website. After using that, you will be sent the download links within 24 hours.

    This is a very detailed virtual instrument. The Zip file is 217 MB, unzipped size is 233 MBs. The manual includes the simple installation instructions.

    Though the Autoharp is used most often in folk and country music, it would also add an interesting texture to other musical genres.

    The Autoharp's SFZ file is compatible with Cakewalk Dimension Pro, ARIA, and the free Sforzando SFZ player from Plogue available for download here:

    Plogue Sforzando download

    NOTE that if you currently are using ARIA, you need to install Sforzando which will update your ARIA Engine. There's an important bug fix in that newest version which makes Autoharp function the way it was intended in ARIA. But if you don't have ARIA or Dim Pro, the free Sforzando Player is all you need for playing the Autoharp.

    Randy Bowser

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