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Topic: Jeff Hurchalla's Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

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    Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    When reading the RSP review in SOS I noticed this side bar. Maybe I\'ve been under a rock, but I hadn\'theard about this:

    \"Small utilities that sit in between your sequencer and Gigastudio have become quite common since Maestro Tools was developed to enable the Garritan Orchestral Strings library to provide automatic alternate bowing and a special legato mode. However, if you\'re using the same computer to run many of these libraries and their associated utilities, your MIDI routing is soon going to get rather complicated. So to consolidate the situation, Maestro Tools programmer Jeff Hurchalla has written Maple, a global MIDI processing utility that provides a plug-in architecture to support library-specific features. To this end, Grandioso FX, which Jeff also wrote, runs as a plug-in for Maple; and since the latest version of Maestro Tools is also available as a Maple plug-in, you only have to run Maple alongside Gigastudio, even if you\'re using both the Garritan and Grandioso libraries.\"


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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    Jeff deserves a 5 ***** status for his programming! Believe me he is a genius!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    Hi Chadwick,

    I was under the same rock as you, apparently, until I bought Michiel Post\'s Bosendorfer 290 Grandioso recently (Superb!).
    There are some shortcomings of GigaStudio in its present incarnation (e.g. not enough dimensions), which don\'t allow implementation of a programmer\'s full arsenal of ideas for controlling his Giga-instrument. Maple takes care of this nicely, with a plug-in called Grandioso FX, free to Bosie Grandioso owners.
    I got it last week, and it does work as advertised. I have come to think of Maple as a front-end \'MIDI-Plugin Host\'.
    You will also need to update to a compatible version of Maestro (3.01 beta), so that Maestro can function as a Maple plugin and run concurrently with Grandioso FX, if you use the GOS string library. This version is available from Gary Garritan directly. I emailed Gary with my inane request, and true to form he sent me the new Maestro within minutes.
    I think there\'s great potential for some more nifty front end MIDI plugins ......


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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    I\'ve been using the Grandioso plug-in with both of Michiel\'s pianos for a couple of weeks. At first it was hard to hear the effect (other than the pedal noise) but it\'s growing on me. I have had no software or latency problems.

    A Maple plug-in that I would like to see (and would pay for) is a tool for altering keyboard touch response. My Roland piano has a linear adjustment, but a nonlinear curve - maybe one you could actually draw - would likely be much better and could be tailored for individual samples. Any hotshot programmers out there who want to take a shot at this?

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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    maybe Jeff and Musiclab can get together on some ideas.

    MusicLab has a tool called Velomaster, that allows you to change velocity sensetivity in a sort of \"plug in\" mode.

    tho I\'m sure Jeff and his infinite genius could come up with his own plug in.

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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    I\'ve been meaning to write Michiel Post about running this. I may be braindead, but I can\'t figure out how to make it work. I\'ve got Maple installed and I believe I have the Grabdioso plugin, but It doesn\'t show up as something I can load in Maple. I know I\'m missing something, but I can\'t seem to figure out what it is.

    Is there a web site that splains things.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I\'m not sure if I entirely deserve it in the company of people doing many different and great work, yet very nice. I hope the Maple program helps out people with their work.
    Here\'s the Maple announcement....

    Today I\'ve released Maple Midi Tools (freeware) to anyone who would like to download it, available from www.marblesound.com. I\'ve mostly put together this simple page so you would have a way to download. note: Grandioso users should uninstall their older Maple version before installing this release.

    One cool thing I think, is that you can optionally include two new Plug-Ins as part of the Maple install if you like. The first plugin is for Layering, and lets you create up to 64 layers (four ports, each with 16 channels, that could all play at the same time) if you\'re insane enough to want that many. Maybe two or three would be more practical - for example, you could layer channel 9 and 10 on the first port. The second plugin is a Midi Control Surface, which provides control for every CC defined in the midi spec. The surface responds right away to any changes (midi CC changes) from your keyboard or sequencer, and you can use the UI controls to send any CC message. You can also save your CC surface settings.

    I\'ll hope it helps with practical problems. It\'s fun to play with too, or maybe that\'s just me [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ooooooh look at the mod wheel slider moving on screen in synch with my finger movements!

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    Re: Jeff Hurchalla\'s Maple performance plugin for Maestro, Grandioso etc.,

    I\'d suggest for you to look in the Add/Remove programs control panel applet, and see if you can find PMI Grandioso Midi FX listed. If it\'s listed then you\'ve installed it. If not, then you can probably send a message to Michiel and he could send it to you, and you could install it. If you have it installed and when you run Maple, you don\'t see in the Plugin Name listbox any mention of Grandioso FX, then you should send me an email to jeff@DELETETHISPARTmarblesound.com. I don\'t yet know of a problem with plugins showing up (or not) in the list, but I\'ll certainly get it fixed if something\'s not right.

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