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Topic: New piece (finally)

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    New piece (finally)

    Hi guys, I have been little busy lately and therefor didn\'t have much time to compose. However, I did have time this week to compose a arrangement of an old Icelandic summer song.

    Go here: www.falcon-creations.com/mp3/ObVS_mix2b.mp3

    Now, I know that the midi programming isn\'t perfect and there are some not so real places - However I\'m looking more for oppinion of the arrangement/composition than programming or mixing.

    Hope you like it.

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    Re: New piece (finally)

    I like the Arrange,
    but some times a bit hard to follow it,(Volum Chages).
    Good Work.

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    Re: New piece (finally)


    Nice and believeable fuge sort of comp. Liked it lots - except for volume issues. Some instruments were way too hot compared to the initial volume setting listener naturally (and technically) adjusts too as piece begins. Fix that and you have a very nice and realistic appication of the samples and quite nice composition.

    Sorry to ask the broken record question. What samples did you use?


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    Re: New piece (finally)

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I know that there are some volume issues. Try to fix that soon.

    I used \"Westgate Woodwinds\" and \"BOB\".

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    Re: New piece (finally)

    I have now fixed (I hope) most of the problems of the old mix, so please have another run on listening to my piece.

    All comments appreciated.

    Here\'s the url: http://www.falcon-creations.com/mp3/ObVS_mix3.mp3

    Btw. I have changed the arrangement a little.

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