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Topic: Sound Magic “Share your opinion, Win big prize! “Offer

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    Sound Magic “Share your opinion, Win big prize! “Offer

    Dear All,
    We are busy with Orchestral Strings One Version 2.0. In order to make it much better than Version 1.0, we need your valuable opinions about which direction it should take. If you shared your opinion with us, you will have the chance to win at least 29 Euros worth of software.
    Date: From now until Feb 16th
    Here is the introduction of Orchestral Strings One
    After you test it or read about it, you can share your opinion about
    1. What’s the good point need to keep in Version 2,0? Please be detailed and explain why
    2. What’s doing wrong in current version? Please be detailed and explain why
    3. What’s need to add in Version 2.0? Please be detailed and explain why
    Please PM me or Email to webmaster@soundemon.com to join the offer. The Winners will be judged by how detail and how good of the explainations of the opinions.

    The winners will win at least 29 Euros worth of Sound Magic Plug-in. No limit on the number of winners! And the highest possible prize may worth up to 1000 Euros
    Winners will be announced after Feb 23rd

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    Re: Sound Magic “Share your opinion, Win big prize! “Offer

    Well I think, speeking only in my own name, that such competition/research needs more time than a one week.
    Of course you'll find a peoples who've read this thread early enough (and having enough time) to get some feedback to you. But in my opinion such research needs a month or two if you want to collect thorough opinions. 8 days timewindow is to narrow, I think.
    Another thing I'd like to say I like this library, and during I was playing with it for a while, I started to create an Omenlike movie theme (not just a remix of Ave Satani, even nothing even similiar - it brings to me only associations to that kind of music). I got even a name for it: "Dominus Satanae" but it needs time to be finished. Pizzatos are brilliant BTW but keyswitches mapping needs to be refined for reflect visual layout of screen controlls eg. b5-Glissando, c6-Staccato, c6#Sordino, d6- Default, d6#-Spiccato, e6-Piccato and f6-PolyMode. Alternativelly you could use f6, g6, g6#, a6, a6#, b6 and c7.

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