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Topic: Maarten's Latest VSL demo

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    Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo

    Fellow Board members,

    You have to check Maarten\'s latest VSL demo out.


    It really exposes the strings and IMHO sounds SOOOO real. I especially like the Legato Vlns at 2:16(I think). The \"ambience noise\" is icing on the cake. Very well done, Maarten. You are making me not want to wait for Nick\'s library. These performance tools have stepped it up to a whole new level.


    Edit: Sorry everyone. While all of Maarten\'s demo\'s are excellent, I was referring to \"Driving to the Cemetery.\"

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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo

    [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    ... could someone please help me find my jaw?...

    Fantastic Maarten.

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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo


    I agree that the VSL demos that you have composed sound absolutely wonderful.

    What do you know of QLSO that makes you \"doubt that this is the kind of music you would want to write with QLSO, though, but that\'s not up to me to judge in advance\".

    Just curious.

    John Z.

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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo


    I know it\'s late where you are but I am also very curious to hear your reply to John\'s question.

    Ned, keep lookin\' - I just found my jaw!


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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo

    Thanks guys! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo

    lex please keep the swearing out of your post you have to remember all kinds of people are on this site. read our rules.

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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo


    What reverb did you use and by far more important what mixing setup did you use? I really like the sound! Sounds like the real thing!

    Are the ambience-sounds coming from Gigastrings? Or somewhere else?

    Can\'t wait till I get VSL!!!

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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo

    Reverb is Lexicon MPX500, 3 aux busses aka reverb ratios (dry:wet), in this demo.


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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo


    James newton for expression, I would think more along the lines of Thomas Newman or James Horner for intimate expression. Then again I have listened to little of JNH\'s work, any recommendations?

    P.S downloading the piece right now, will post my thoughts...

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    Re: Maarten\'s Latest VSL demo

    Well, try the Atlantis and Dinosaur soundtracks. I keep playing them over and over, mostly for the orchestration and soundscape. But of course, this is very personal. Contain both intimate and some heavier parts. A bit too much Lion King influences in Dino, tho...
    Maybe Tob (big JNH fan) can jump in and can recommend some more good JNH scores?

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